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7 Things I Am Going To Do As Soon As This Lockdown Has Been Lifted And Coronavirus Is No Longer A Threat

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Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined a day where people would not be allowed to go about as they wished. But, thanks to coronavirus, that is our new reality. We are currently serving a 21-day sentence of house arrest and in the spirit of being safe, I intend to see it through.

But here’s the thing, I have already made my plans about the things I am going to do once this lockdown is lifted and we are free to roam the streets again. PS: one of those things is roaming the streets free. I think knowing what you are going to do after is like an incentive of getting through these really pressing times.

Read on to know my plans, maybe you could make yours based on these!

Go for a long walk by the sea

If there is anything, I miss the most about my life before corona it has got to be walking on the promenade by the sea. Which is why the very first thing I am going to do as soon as our government announces that the lockdown has been lifted is walk down by the sea and feel the fresh air gently caressing my hair. I am going to take in lungfuls of the air and smile. It’s a story I am going to tell people one day.

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Hog on all my favourite street food and desserts

I never thought I would say this but as amazing a cook as my mother is, I miss outside food. Maybe because I eat too much of it but that is not the point here. Can you imagine we are living in a reality where eating sev puri is something to look forward to? I miss paani puri, dahi puri and a nicely made shawarma the most. But right now, I think I am craving a pizza followed by some ice cream and waffles. Damn, I can’t eat any more veggies!

 Chill with my friends

We all miss hanging out with our friends, right? That is the biggest problem of this lockdown (after the virus that caused it all, of course) I mean, my two best friends literally live less than two minutes away from me and I still haven’t seen them in the longest time. So obviously, just having a normal chill out session with my friends that does not involve a screen separating us or the shit connection cutting us off all the time is one of the first things I am going to do.

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Dance till I drop

The first weekend after this lockdown has been lifted and coronavirus is no longer a threat, I am going to party so hard it is going to put the Project X party to shame. This is on top of my list for three, very simple reasons. One, we have to celebrate beating the coronavirus, it’s non-negotiable. Two, I have always believed dancing to be extremely cathartic and judging by the rate this past week has gone I am definitely going to need to cathart (that’s a word, right?). And three, I am going to need several drinks after these 21 days of being stuck at home.

Take a break from Netflix

Generally speaking, I watch a lot of shows. That is what I do most nights after work and these shows have been carrying me through this tough time. But knowing myself, over the next 20 days I am going to possibly watch enough shows to last me a while. Having said that, once this lockdown is over I will take a break from Netflix and chilling and actually step out and enjoy the outdoors.

Go to the beauty parlour

21 days can be enough to grow a lot of body hair and not in the right places. We are all going to come out of this lockdown looking like we have never heard of razors. Which is why getting myself de-haired is actually the first thing I am going to do. As soon as this lockdown is lifted and everything is up and running again, a beauty parlour is the first place I am heading to.


Well, lockdown or not, somethings do not change. This lockdown has given me a chance to catch up on all the lost sleep and I plan on getting enough sleep even once it’s done.

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