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Gurugram Police Stations To Set Up Women Help Desks In The Next Two Weeks As An Attempt To Boost Women’s Safety. This Seems Promising

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Among the many life lessons 2020 is leaving us with, I think one of the most important is that we can’t go on without securing women’s safety. This year, thanks to the lockdown, we saw a drastic surge in crimes against women. However, it seems like finally, someone in the police or government was paying attention because, in the next two weeks, every police station in Gurugram will have women help desks. It took them multiple rapes and a spike in domestic abuse cases to see the need for this. But hey, better late than never, right? 

These help desks will be set up in every police station in the Gurugram district within two weeks. They will operate from a separate room in the police stations. I don’t say this about a lot of these government or police promises but I do have hopes from this solely because it’s on a deadline of two weeks and it’s not being prolonged indefinitely. 

According to a senior police officer, one of the aims of these help desks is that the woman complainant will not be forced to sit around for long before her complaint is registered. He said, “With the operationalisation of women help desks, the complainant women will not have to sit for long in the police station for registering their complaints. This ensures immediate help to the complainant. The women can directly approach the help desks and their grievance would be addressed at the earliest. Furthermore, counselling would be provided to the women complainants.” 

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To boost women’s safety and to make them feel secure and comfortable, this senior police officer also talked about strengthening the three existing women police stations in the district. Don’t you think, the concept of women police station should be expanded to other parts of the country as well? 

Apart from the women help desks, the Gurugram police authority also talked about ‘Durga Shakti’ Rapid Action for the safety of women. This will have various teams present at schools and colleges to ensure women’s safety. The police officials also said that distressed women can approach these teams or help desks directly and their grievances will be addressed immediately. 

Gurugram Police Commissioner K. K. Rao said, “In the coming year the police department would undertake action to begin women help desks at all the police stations in Gurugram. The police would put in efforts for the safety of women and children across the district.” 

All this seems extremely promising and let’s hope that more women reach out and are helped. Women’s safety needs to be the top priority of all state governments.

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