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Flight Lieutenant Shivangi Singh Becomes The First Woman Fighter Pilot To Fly The Rafale. This Year Is All About Women Setting New Records!

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I won’t lie, the way the year 2020 had started, it had each one of us thinking it was going to be the most dramatic end to the world. With political instability growing by the day, a lethal virus spreading across the world killing hundreds and thousands of people, to unexplained volcanic eruptions, cyclones, earthquakes, locusts attacks and more stuff we only thought was possible in fantasy TV shows. It was almost as if we were in the worst kind of Hunger Games possible. And with some 4 months still to go, some might say, we still can’t be entirely sure about what’s going to hit us next. Except Shivangi Singh is changing that.

But then, juggling through our existential crisis, somewhere along the way, at least I if not anyone else, started to finally take note of the better things in life that could make me happy and hopeful. And one such development that has been keeping us in high spirits, is of of Flight Lieutenant Shivangi Singh becoming the first woman pilot to fly Rafale.

You see, back in the day, there was hardly ever a profession that wasn’t male-dominated. Chefs to carpenters to businessmen to even soldiers, men were everywhere while women were neatly tucked away for the more “appropriate” gender roles. However, with women like Lieutenant Shivangi Singh, the narrative is changing and now where women are flying to new heights, literally.

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India’s most modern multi-role fighter aircraft, the Rafale would have her joining the 7 ‘Golden Arrows’ Squadron of the 4.5-generation Rafales at the Ambala airbase after she finishes her “conversion training” commenced in August itself. It is being said that after flying the ever challenging MiG-21s, which have virtually the highest landing and take-off speed in the world, Shivangi Singh won’t have a tough time getting use to the Rafale.

Young Shivangi Singh was commissioned into the IAF in 2017 as part of the second batch of women fighter pilots, with a dream to ‘fly free like a bird’. Since then, she has been showing tremendous caliber and strength as she continues to move up the ladder, and make us proud. It is after all with the consistent news of such young and powerful women making it to the top, and setting new precedents for people to look up to, that we’re convinced that this year isn’t all that bad. In a year that otherwise might have gone to shit, it has redeemed itself ever so slightly especially when women breaking into male bastions is involved.

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