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Ekta Kapoor And Tusshar Kapoor Fight Like Cats And Dogs. And That’s All Siblings Ever!

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The thing with siblings is that when we love them, we love them with our heart, soul, kidneys and everything. But when we fight, it turns into a violent wrestling match. From hurling insults at each other to pulling each other’s hair, the fights we’ve had with our siblings could only be interrupted by our very angry mothers. And what Ekta Kapoor and Tusshar Kapoor revealed recently on The Kapil Sharma Show makes us feel, that at some level, they are just like any of us!

So here’s what happened. Ekta Kapoor revealed that they had gone to Tirupati with their family, and she and Tusshar ended up fighting! Well, you know, that’s not surprising. Put us in a confined space with our siblings, and while one moment you will see us laughing the next things will go downhill and punches and abuses will be hurled. But that’s not all. Ekta went ahead and called the cops! We mean…seriously? “Like every other sibling, me and Tusshar fight a lot. You will be surprised to know that once when we went on a family trip to Tirupati we both started fighting for some reason. During the fight, Tusshar punched my nose. Later, I dialled the cops.”

We want to know what happened next. Did the cops actually arrive? That would make the story even funnier but kinda a waste of time for the cops. Meanwhile, the brother-sister duo were never sent in the same car post that, because they always end up fighting.

Honestly, we’d have never guessed that the peaceful-appearing Tusshar Kapoor could ever fight like that. We mean, he could be the next Buddha, based on his calm exterior. In fact, their fights weren’t limited to road trips. “When we both used to go to school, we used to have very dangerous fights. We used to even tear each other’s collar buttons. In such cases, we had to rush back home to change our clothes and so we used to get late for school,” revealed Tusshar. Of course, the sibling-duo fights like cats and dogs but they are also very supportive of each other. And we can totally relate! Like we can insult our brothers and sisters but no one else should even dare to do the same!

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On the professional front, Ekta Kapoor’s upcoming movie Mental Hai Kya will star Kangana Ranaut and Rajkummar Rao in leading roles. Tusshar Kapoor, on the other hand, last made an appearance in Simmba’s song Aankh Maare.


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