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Ekta Kapoor’s Office Now Has A Creche. Why Don’t More Companies Have This?

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My mother was 28 when I was born. She was at the prime of her career at that time, things were going well and she was driven to touch the stars. Enter me, a little new born baby girl, that eventually became the reason she had to quit her job and become a homemaker. Today, she has no qualms about the transition, she loved witnessing every moment of me growing up. Or atleast that’s what she says. But hey, I had a wonderful childhood and I am thrilled. But I am sure there are days when my mom wonders about the ‘what ifs’.

This was back in 90s, but today things are very different. There are crèches, some even in the office, that allow for young mothers to manage both – their work and their children. As had been the case with the new mother and television industry godmother – Ekta Kapoor, who became a mother to a beautiful son through surrogacy earlier this year.

Ravie Kapoor, the newest member in the clan is just a little over 3 months and has had Ekta embracing this side of herself to the fullest. In a recent interview with Bombay Times, she opened up about her shift in priorities after becoming a mother and said, “Currently, life is all about spending as much time as possible with my son. These days, I try and leave the office earlier than usual.”

She also mentioned how she regrets not thinking about opening a creche in the office sooner and said, “I bring Ravie to the office frequently and he spends time with my team. I have a huge support system in my mother and my team, so whenever I get busy with meetings, they keep him entertained. He is only three months old, but he has made friends with my colleagues and it may sound unrealistic, but he recognises people at work.”

Being a mother is a big challenge in itself. There is a lot of new ground to cover, and when you also have to manage a company like Balaji, it becomes trickier and we are sure. But Ekta has been unwavering in her efforts to divide her time between work and play with little Ravie, although she does mention how she often plays victim to the guilt that follows at both ends.

She also mentioned that, “I think the first thing you think as a mother is guilt. I don’t think anyone would say that so openly. I am at work, I am feeling guilty, when I am at home, there is a lot of guilt about not completing the things that I used to normally do. So, you are just dealing with various kinds of guilt. Then it’s responsibility and third is a feeling that there’s someone there that you want to see grow.”

She will soon be seen launching a new series that is called Mentalhood and will walk us through all the kinds of moms and momzillas and the kinds of challenges and pressure they go through while at it. Better late than never though, we are glad that a boss-woman like her understands the challenges one faces when they become a mother. Hopefully a lot others will too and do their bit to make the transition as smooth as possible for the young mothers. Companies, are you listening?


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