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Daisy Shah Prepares For The National Championship At Shooting, Salman Khan Wishes Her Luck. Uh Oh.

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The year was 1998. It was the 2nd of October and in the Kankani Village of Jodhpur, while shooting for the film Hum saath saath hain, Salman Khan and team shot more than just the film. Two black bucks. Since then, the case against him has been going on and still hasn’t reached a court verdict yet. But this story is not about that, this story is about Daisy Shah who had received a shooting license from the National Rifle Association, and is eyeing for a medal at the national-level championship for the same. A feat that seems to have excited Salman Khan too, as he drops in his congratulations to Daisy, and in turn makes us worry about where that could lead.

Now, don’t get us wrong, we love that Daisy Shah is out there doing her thing and teaching herself a new skill. But the thing that had us all worried was when Salman Khan took to his Instagram to post a wish for Daisy Shah. He is a mentor and wished her buck luck but also insisted she target a medal for the sport. And that was laced with the horrifying chance that history  *may* repeat itself. The fact that another Bollywood celebrity has picked up a gun, and is being cheered on by no one else than the very infamous ambassador for using one to shoot down black bucks, is extremely worrisome.

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The Dabangg actor captioned his post as, “Congrats on becoming aspiring shot yet again! Now thoda medal ko target karo. @shahdaisy”, and we hope to dear god that the only thing she targets is a non-living target and far from the wildlife of the country. Because the last thing we’d want to see is her following into the footsteps of Salman Khan and landing herself in a mess.

And it’s not like we don’t understand how people would actually take it up as the sport, we do.  And we totally get that not everyone training to wield a gun would have the intent of shooting down endangered species, but we can’t stress enough on how careful people must be while travelling down the path. Especially when it comes to celebrities. For they often make the mistake of blurring the lines between fun and illegal, and Daisy’s dear friend – Salman Khan is a living and accused proof of the same.

A post that may have come across as good news and motivation for the actress, has definitely got the black bucks running helter skelter and us on the edge of our seats, as another celebrity takes up a dangerous sport as her hobby. But giving the Jai Ho actress a benefit of doubt she so deserves, we would just hope she wouldn’t make the same mistake as her former co-star and go all guns blazing during a hunt. Meanwhile, maybe Salman would like to gauge his words before posting about them, lest he enjoys the irony himself!

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