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Throwback Thursday: Bollywood Movies That Portray Love Realistically

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While growing up, we’ve watched movies that made us believe love is all we need. If you find someone you love, life needs nothing else. You can go to a hill, build a house, find a temporary job and make it work—even if your families disown you. If you find love, compatibility follows because that’s how easy life is. If you find love, it has to mean forever. In Dilwale Dulhania Le Jaayenge, Raj crosses oceans for Simran, without having the relationship talk at all. And it didn’t matter that they didn’t know each other long enough, they just wanted to get married after being together on one trip. Today, that would have been called a summer fling!

In Maine Pyaar Kiya, an educated guy goes on to do labour work just to prove to a woman’s father that he can make money. In Bollywood, love happens at the drop of a hat—one holiday, one meeting, one look even. And no, apparently, that’s not infatuation. Also, there’s no such thing as commitment phobia, mismatched attachment styles, compatibility issues, etc. People are willing to do anything for the “love” they found! Funny thing, the universe helps them too. IRL? Not so much.

So, thanks, but I’d prefer watching some realistic love stories that don’t make me expect an idealistic relationship. Okay, corny romantic movies are good, once in a while; we need that to escape the sad reality of our dating pool. But realistic romantic movies keep us grounded in the love department.

Here are some Bollywood movies that portrayed romance realistically.

Life In A Metro

This multi-starrer shows parallel love stories of real individuals that are flawed, don’t always make the best dating choices but find a way to take back control of their lives. A dead marriage, extra-marital affairs, love at an older age and most importantly self-love, this movie is perfect to jolt you back to reality but with hope at the end of it all.

Wake Up Sid

Oh, how we could relate to this film when we were in college and confused! This film shows how a healthy relationship can help you do better. And sometimes, that’s more than enough instead of worrying if it will last.

Qarib Qarib Single

They meet on a dating app but the girl isn’t quite impressed with the not-so-suave or handsome man that she expected to find. But they end up taking a trip together and spending more time, which helps her see him in a different light. It takes time to love a person and looks aren’t everything!

Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd

Six couples on a Goa trip, interacting with each other as we see how each of them has relationships that are far from perfection. Homosexuality, insecurities, secrets, octogenarian love—this film shows how relationships aren’t black and white. Also, sometimes, it’s not just about love, but choosing what drives your connection!


She is unable to form a romantic relationship as she finds herself entangled in the responsibility of an aged father, who suffers from chronic constipation. The generation gap has her feeling irritated most of the time. However, on a trip, she bonds with the owner of the cab company who takes them to Kolkata and that’s how a subtle romance starts between them. And it’s not about jumping into a relationship but just cherishing the company and connection that they share.

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English Vinglish

A wife, a mother must re-connect with the woman in her to take back charge of her life. She’s taken for granted by her husband, her kids and everyone. But when she finds her confidence back, she commands respect and desirability, which makes her family realise that they’ve been giving her less than what she deserves. The movie traces how your connection with your self is more important than anything else and how it affects your relationships with others.

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