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Shweta Tiwari And A Bunch Of TV Actors Took Up The Hit Me Challenge And Their Interpretation Ended Up Looking Like A Video Promoting Domestic Violence. Oh Come On!

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There is no denying that this lockdown has left people bored and more appreciative of their earlier lives. Everyone is indulging in various activities to keep themselves from wallowing in that boredom. While some are cooking, painting and cleaning others are partaking in making TikTok videos and taking part in Instagram challenges. But hey, I don’t usually judge. If people want stuff ice cubes in their vagina or spend all day trying to guess the gibberish and try to do impossible trick shots by all means, go ahead (it’s definitely not a waste of time).

Social media is the only thing saving us right now, which means every single person is going through their Instagram feed at least three times an hour. But it also means that people have to be extremely careful about what they put out there. For instance, you can’t put up a sexist post and claim its funny, people will have your head on a platter (netizens are not forgiving and rightfully so).

However, the reason I am so irked myself is that a bunch of TV stars (all of whom are household names) took up the #HitMeChallenge and made a complete debacle. For all those of you who don’t know, this challenge started up when a bunch of French stuntmen and women made a multiple cut video of them beating each other up. This is exactly what Shweta Tiwari and her colleagues tried to do, but they failed miserably when their video looked like it was promoting domestic violence.

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Shweta posted the video on Instagram and captioned it, “This was so much fun ALSO this is when someone says “I need to step out!!! #hitmechallenge.”

Apart from Shweta, the video also features actors like Sharad Malhotra, Debina Bonnerjee, Karan Veer Mehra, Rishina Kandhari, Priyanka Kalantri, Vikaas Kalantri, Romanch Mehtha, Donal Bisht and Krip Kapur Suri. They are all pretending to hit the camera with cricket bats and balls, musical instruments and even brooms. This too is also a multiple cut video. They are doing the same thing as the stuntmen (does our industry have no originality? This also they are copying). Which is, pretending to hit the camera in short clips while the person it cuts to gives a reaction and hits another person.

But the way they staged it, looked a lot like domestic violence and that is unacceptable. It’s like they missed the memo and created their own shitty interpretation of the challenge which ended up looking like a bunch of couples brutally hitting each other.

Anyway, this lockdown has had a humungous effect on domestic abuse victims with the number of cases surging drastically. Though it might not be their intention (we can give them the benefit of the doubt) this video seemed like a mockery of a very real and very serious problem we are facing. Besides, these actors are household names with a heavy follower count on social media, what kind of message are they putting out there?

When Shweta posted this video, people in the comments section had mixed reactions to it. While some found it too be too entertaining, some thought the video promoted domestic violence.

I think it’s time we start double checking our posts before posting it, don’t you think? We wouldn’t want blunders like these to happen.

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