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This Man From Gujarat Brutally Thrashed His Wife After She Beat Him At Online Ludo. So Much Violence For A Game?

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You know, when we think of the lockdown and coronavirus, we think about the direct damage it has done to each of our lives. What we leave out is that while this lockdown is a chance for most of us to reconnect with our families, for some it’s the matter their worst nightmares are made up of. I am talking about domestic abuse victims who have now been left to their assailant’s mercy with very little to no chance of escape.

Recently, the UN saw a spike in the number of domestic violence cases around the globe. Domestic abuse shelters are doing the best that they can to save these women but under these horrific conditions, it’s getting tougher and tougher. The National Commission of Women has also taken a few steps and initiatives like making it easier for the victim to reach out by starting an open communication, but it’s not enough. Women have become collateral damage in yet another war thanks to this lockdown and it makes sick to my stomach just reading about the case after case.

The reason I am talking about domestic violence cases increasing is that I came across one such case that shocked me to my very core. A man from Vadodara, Gujarat beat up his wife after she won against him at an online Ludo game and I should add that he practically broke her back. This man is the definition of a sore loser.

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According to various reports, the wife did not want her husband to step outside the house to meet other people living in the same society amid this lockdown. So, she suggested that they play some online Ludo to pass time and he agreed. However, consecutively losing 4-5 games to his wife in Ludo bruised the husband’s ego and (I am assuming) to gain back the alpha status, he beat his wife up. Also, the fact that the wife was a tuition teacher who helped out in the income of the house might have played a part in this unfortunate incident.

He thrashed her so badly that she had to be immediately rushed to the hospital. According to doctors, the woman suffered severe spinal cord injuries and has developed a gap between two vertebrae. Now, I am not a medical expert but even I know it takes a lot of damage to the spinal cord like this. Seriously, how much of a monster do you have to be to practically break your wife’s spinal cord over a Ludo game?

While she was rushed into orthopaedic surgery, the case reached the 181 Abhayam helpline. That’s the 24×7 helpline that supports and helps distressed women in threatening situations. However, the wife decided to go to her parent’s house and not return with her husband. Which is a very wise decision given the situation.

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After a counsellor from the 181 Abhayam helpline told the husband that physical violence is a crime and he could go to jail if the wife filed a complaint, apologised to her. She decided not to press charges and did not file a complaint. She has also decided that she will move back to her husband’s house after spending a few days with her parents.

Now, I know that filing a complaint or not is completely up to the victim but choosing not to only increases the assailant’s confidence and puts the victim in harm’s way. Thousands of domestic abuse cases per year go unreported which means all those women go without getting the necessary help and that is scary.

This is just one in a hundred domestic abuse cases that are being caused by this lockdown. I still can’t believe that a few Ludo games landed a woman in the hospital. I mean, I knew the male ego was fragile but who takes Ludo so seriously?

Women are being tortured and abused throughout the nation and its high time some effective measures are put into place to eradicate this problem.

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