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Bhumi Pednekar Talks About The Changes Bollywood Is Going Through And We Completely Agree With Her

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When I think about the kind of Bollywood movies that are made today compared to the ones 10 years ago, there is a very clear disparity. In the last decade, our industry has re-invented itself in many ways. Cheesy family dramas and senseless comedies have been replaced with stories of change with a message, the turn in tide are truly commendable and we are so grateful for it.

Just like any other social change, there are a few actors who can be credited as the trailblazers for this shift. They made sure to keep an open mind and only pick good scripts that send out a message for change. Today, we have made movies that would’ve definitely gotten shelved 10 years ago only because there wasn’t anyone to play those parts. But a few actors have succeeded in carving a niche out for themselves at a time where even the audiences desperately want to see a change in genre.

One such actor is Bhumi Pednekar, who, since her debut movie Dum Lagake Haisha, has always picked the road less taken when it came to associating with projects. She is 10 movies old in this industry and each and every one of them paints a picture of actual struggles people go through. That is why she stands apart from the crowd as an actor.

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In a recent interview, Bhumi was asked what she thought about the change in cinema over these past few years. She replied, “It’s a very welcome change, today people want to see ‘hamari kahaani’ because we have been celebrating fantasy for so many years that now we want to see a story of a normal man or woman. “She added, “We have to thanks the audiences because today they have finally started accepting themselves and celebrating their own flaws,”

Needless to say, she is absolutely on point. We have been making movies that depict a world that is unrelatable to us. Everyone loves a good fantasy movie, it may be considered as a way to escape the real world for a few hours as well. But it is equally important to make movies that the common man and woman can relate to. Cinema is one of the most powerful mediums we have to spread the kind of awareness that needs to be spread in today’s world, it would be a crime to waste it at a time where people are finally opening up to accepting change.

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Bhumi is currently gearing up for the release of her upcoming movie, Pati Patni Aur Woh where she plays the role of the ‘Patni’. The movie is surrounded by controversy at the moment thanks to a lewd joke about marital rape that was cracked by Karthik Aryan’s character as part of a nonsensical monologue. Though the joke has been cut from the movie, the director Mudassar Aziz was not happy about it. Yep, it is ridiculous.

Expressing her own thoughts about this controversy, Bhumi said “when you make a film it comes with great responsibility and I think really need to applaud the makers because they could have easily said no but they realised that it’s going beyond the message that their film has. We put a lot of things for humour we cannot always intellectualise cinema, but yes we always draw a boundary and something that is gone beyond that you should have the guts to rectify.”

We usually agree with everything she says because in her own way she does work to empower women. But this is one of those times where we have to say the statement she made was absolutely off-base. Why would we applaud the makers for first putting in a joke about something as horrific as rape, then being completely unapologetic for it, then removing it only because they had to surrender to the pressure if they wanted the movie to work. I mean, it took the makers of that movie an entire social media uprising to realise they crossed a line! So yeah, I don’t think an applaud will be necessary.  I do agree with her when she says if you have crossed a line you need to have the guts to rectify it.

Pati Patni Aur Woh, that also stars Karthik Aryan and Ananya Panday is all set to hit theaters on 6th December.

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