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Bhumi Pednekar Says Her Role In Bala Is A Service To Society. We Think Her Other Roles Were, This One Is Not!

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Being a dusky girl in a country that only appreciates fairness is tough. You are constantly told what to do you make your skin colour lighter or why being dusky is a disadvantage for you. I was bullied through school for being darker than most girls in my class. Of course, that bothered the younger me, it doesn’t trouble me anymore. What does bother me is the fact that even after having dialogues about appreciating dusky women, nothing has changed. We have actors like Bhumi Pednekar who are trying to make a change in their own way, and maybe right now, that is all we can ask for.

In a recent interview, Bhumi describes herself as someone who wants to make a difference by promoting parity so we, as a society can fight it. When we look back on all her movies, we see that over the course of her career she has been doing just that.

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The reason we are talking about this today is that for her latest film Bala which is all set to hit the theatres on 7th November Bhumi is playing a dusky girl from a small village. Bhumi says that she wants to fight the prejudices set against being dark-skinned in this country. Talking about her role in Bala she said, “I mean it’s the most far reached visual medium to people in our country and I want to do my best to fight prejudice through this medium. This is my service to my society.”

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Of course, anyone trying to fight the ridiculous stereotypes that surround dark-complexioned women is doing a good deed. Although, we can’t help but feel like Bhumi was sort of a miscast for this role. I mean, isn’t it ironical that a fair-skinned woman is being drowned in foundation and bronzer just so that she can look dusky and break stereotypes. If the point of the movie was to get a dialogue going about the prejudices, then why not just cast a dusky actress for the role? Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying Bhumi will not be able to pull it off. All I am saying is, if you want to do away with this disparity between fair skin and dark skin, cast accordingly! It isn’t like the industry has a dearth of dusky actresses. However, this does not negate all the amazing work Bhumi has already done, all the stereotypes she has broken or even the taboo topics that she hasn’t shied away from talking about.

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Beginning right from her debut movie, Dum Lagake Haisha where Bhumi played an overweight, confident girl to when she played the role of a wife in Subh Mangal Savdhan married to a man suffering from erectile dysfunction, her choices have been interesting. In Toilet: Ek Prem Katha, she brings to life the character of Jaya, a college-going girl who is married to Akshay Kumar’s character. The movie talks about the importance of health and sanitation in villages that have houses without toilets. Then comes her latest project, Saand Ki Aankh. The project was surrounded by controversies and conflicts because Taapsee Pannu and Bhumi portrayed the characters of two octogenarian sharpshooters.

Do you see it now? Every movie she has done and every character she has portrayed has a social message that she is trying to get out there. And while all that is good and fine, we can’t help but notice that she is always someone’s wife or a simple girl from a village. We want her to continue spreading good messages, but we also want her to switch it up once in a while. She doesn’t always have to play a small-town unprivileged girl to try and make a change in our society.

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