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Bharat’s Trailer Implies The Girlfriend Can Be Sexy The Wife, Not. Such Misogyny, Much Wow.

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Bollywood has bestowed us with yet another trailer and we are still struggling to find adjectives to describe the aftertaste of watching it. For those who are caught off guard, we are talking about the today released trailer of the movie Bharat.

The period drama, that stars Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif, left us less than impressed with the teaser trailer, that had about zero seconds of screen time for the female protagonist, but guess they’ve worked upon that for the final trailer, only to further disappoint us with the other aspects. The consistency, guys.

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The 3-minute long trailer starts with Jawaharlal Nehru’s tryst with destiny speech that is then followed by a rather filmy monologue by Salman Khan. Soon into the trailer, we see Disha Patani make an appearance as a fellow performer and perceived girlfriend, in an uber sexy avatar. She’s outfitted with minimal clothing, and at this point Salman is engaged in the daredevilry phase of his life and Disha is an extension of his “badassery”.

As the trailer continues, we see Katrina Kaif in a saree-clad appearance working in a government office, where obviously, Salman falls in love with her. We get it. It’s true to her character. Post which there are few more appearances for the Khan and your typical happy times turning into sad and him emerging as the lone warrior, but our heart got stuck at one big detail that was also our major and the only takeaway from the trailer – why is the girlfriend, Disha Patani in this case, portrayed as a sexy maiden while the one that he falls in love with, a virginal woman with no skin show?

Such details line up the trailer in a stereotypical fashion and honestly, by this point we are so tired of even rolling our eyes, we just close them shut. A movie that has devoted nearly 5 looks to Salman Khan, only had one for both the actresses, and that too rather offensive. Guess Bollywood never learns, instead it takes the stereotypes and makes big period dramas over it and the underlying problem, still looms, hopelessly.

This needs to stop. A sexy girlfriend can be the homely wife. Stop feeding this patriarchal notions.


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