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At 97, This Woman Just Became Sarpanch. Never Say Women Can’t Do Something

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It so happens that many a times, when we’re so involved in seeing things for how bad they are, we forget to look around and notice that gleaming silver lining, that has been right in front of us all along and is probably what we need to see to get some perspective that we’ve been otherwise lacking. A realisation that we dawned upon after coming across a bunch of incredible women who have been reshaping the history and weaving the political fabric of this country one small step at a time. And we say this referring to the kind of women who are stepping up into positions of power, even if it starts at winning gram panchayat elections.

At a time when the people of this nation are conflicted to the point they have taken to the streets to show their dissent, and are being met with not just opposing views but all kinds of passive and aggressive behaviour , seems like there is one silver lining that we had been missing out on. With women taking charge everywhere, from protests to politics, seems like the gram panchayats of Rajasthan have finally begun to seen change descend that is ready to transform the way in which we look at women.

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With a nonagenarian, Vidhya Devi, who has won local polls in Sikar district”s Puranabas gram panchayat at the age of 97 to a Pakistan born woman, Neeta Kanwar, who is now an Indian, women are being appointed as the village sarpanch and winning village polls, that too with great margins. And honestly, it is by far the most heartiest news we’ve come across to drive away our monday blues.

During tumultuous times, when the nation and its people are busy fighting for change, these women have already begun driving change and how. Vidhya Devi, who was the oldest amongst the lot, has already established how she wants to facilitate pensions funds for widows, cleanliness and ensure a smooth supply of water. Where as Neena Kanwar, who received her Indian citizenship in 2019 after living in India for 18 years, will pay close attention to women empowerment, improve education and health facilities for the people of her gram.

With a vision as strong as their will power, these women have proved that age, religion, gender are all superficial terms that shouldn’t decide who is worth and for what, and that when it comes to strong women, there is absolutely nothing that they can do to stop them. We are a force to reckon with, and these incredibly talented and ambitious women are proof of just that.

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