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Clubs In Delhi Are Employing Lady Bouncers And I Just Met The Amazing Yogita Sachdeva Who Is Keeping Delhi Women Safe At Nights

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Delhi has always been one of those cities that, despite its ‘rich spoilt brat’ kind of a status, still stands as a place that has a lot to offer, when it comes to the nightlife, especially on the weekends. With the right kind of music, the vibe, amazing food and well, the chilly weather Delhi night life is an experience in itself. But the thing with getting that experience is that for most of us women, it has come at a cost of putting our safety on the line. Delhi, before it can ever be remembered as the party capital of the country, will always be remembered as the rape capital first. Which is why, on most weekend nights, the closest I come to the idea of having a nice time with my friends is at a house party. But not this time.

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Ditching the routinely Saturday night of staying home and lazying around in my PJs, my girlfriends and I decided to gather up courage to step out at night, and just for a little while, we let our guards down. And if I am being honest, it felt nice to have done that. You see, living in a city where a woman’s worst nightmares are somewhat better than the reality itself, it isn’t easy to convince yourself to take the edge off sometimes. But guess it was well worth the effort, for it felt nice to be in the moment with your girls and dance into the night with no worries.

However, it wasn’t much of what happened while we were inside the club that made me happy, as much as what happened when we stepped out. You see, the club that we were perched in for the night was Bohca, one of the most trendiest of places in town right now, with a tight security detail and a cream crowd that follows. But even then, once you’re out, you’re usually on your own. As were we, while we waited outside for our friend to get the car around.

And just then, when we least expected it, a lady bouncer came to us and showed the kind of concern we hadn’t ever experienced before. Asking us how we were planning to head back, by cab or by car, she then told us how she was there to ensure that we all get home safe and sound. And usually, this would be the point when after documenting who is leaving how, no further follow up would be required. But boy, were we wrong and boy were we so excited.

The lady bouncer, was polite and alert and vigilant about her duties, stayed with us the till the time she didn’t make us sit in the car herself. Noting down the number, asking us in confidence if we felt safe going the way we were, just like that in one moment she made us realise what this city had been lacking – compassion and care. We decided to stay long enough to strike a conversation with her and it was then when we found out that it had been a month since lady bouncers were appointed in front of bars and clubs, to ensure that women aren’t subject to harassment and reach home safely even in the wee hours of the night.

And right there, standing at a Delhi road, at 3 am in the night, for the first time in a very long time, I didn’t feel scared. I felt like I was taken care of, and that is the kind of a feeling that we need to start instilling back in the women of this country. We have been looking over our shoulders for so long now, that even the possibility of having it any other way feels too surreal. And all this while, when we had started to accept that this is  just how fucked up the things around are going to be, this one small gesture of innate pro-activeness and vigilance, brought back all the hope and faith that we otherwise lose on the daily.

Guess sometimes change really is round the corner, and this might be just be the beginning of a turnaround for the women of this country. Shout out to all the brave women bouncers, that spend their nights braving the cold and the drunk crowd, getting us home safe, inspired and hopeful.

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