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#AskHauterfly: What Is A Layby? And It Ain’t The Financial Term!

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Living in the millennial era is tricky. We communicate in slang that can be considered a different language altogether, and I won’t be surprised if there is a course teaching the basics of it soon, too.

There is a cool yet weird term for everything now, and the dating world usually gets a bigger slice of this cake. From breadcrumbing to situationship, we have managed to define even the strangest, vaguest trends.

Making another foggy cloud disappear is the term ‘layby’. Now, if you google it, this is what you’ll get:


Ask Hauterfly_Layby_Dating_Hauterfly


But, we are going to steer away from ’em heavy stuff and lighten things up a bit — after all, it’s fri-yay! Layby, in the dating sphere, applies to a person who suffers from the phobia of being single. They are in a relationship and want to end it, but can’t because they’re afraid of being alone.

So what they do is that they keep their options open. They keep moving from one person to the next, and just stop on or ‘layby’ a person for a while. It is hardly any different from monkeying. But just sounds classier, no?



Oh, for those who don’t know what monkeying is, it means someone who jumps from one person to the other, just like a monkey does from one branch to the next. Yup.

People who are laybys tend to be insecure, always need attention, and often try to be someone they are not, just to please everyone. They are not necessarily playboys/girls, as laybys are capable of commitment.



Now that you are educated on this matter, if you spot a layby, go give them a high-five and then maybe a good lecture, preferably over some tea.


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