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Amulya Leona Is The Girl Who Chanted Pakistan Zindabad At An Anti-CAA Rally. Being Passionate Is Good But This Was Silly

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Okay, this may sound like I am quoting a political science textbook but bear with me, please. According to our constitution, every citizen of India has been awarded six freedoms. One of those six is freedom of speech and expression. But considering the rampant political unrest in the country right now, there is a very thin line between using and abusing that freedom.

If you think about it, without the freedom of speech we would be no better than North Korea. And though it perfectly okay to take stands, protest for what you believe and even be vocal about your political views (that is the definition of democracy after all), you have to be mindful about what you are saying and where and especially now when everyone is on the edge of their seats when it comes to politics.

The reason I am giving you’ll this free lecture is because a young girl from Bangalore just proved to be the perfect example of how people have just stopped thinking before they talk about our political environment. Or use any context to air their views.

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What Happened?

Amulya Leona, a student from Bangalore chanted Pakistan Zindabad slogans at an anti-CAA rally where AIMIM party chief Asaduddin Owaisi was present. Needless to say, the second she said ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ (long live Pakistan) commotion broke out amongst the people present at the rally and the girl was forced off the dias.

In a video clip that went viral, you can hear trying to explain the difference between the slogans “Pakistan Zindabad” and “Hindustan Zindabad” but obviously the organisers and the cops did not let her finish what she was saying. Though it is evident she was trying to secularise this issue, it did not matter once she said ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ three times in that video.

Amulya is a 19-year-old girl with very strong political opinions and while it is good to be aware about the changing scenario’s in our country, what she did was an act of immaturity. She should’ve known that there would be no right outcome from going up on stage at a politically-fuelled anti-CAA rally and even uttering the word Pakistan and Zindabad in the same sentence. Young students of our country are getting more and more involved in our politics now than ever before which is amazing, we need people with voices but not like this. If you have something to say, know when, where and how to say it.

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After being dragged off stage, Amulya was taken to the police station where the Bangalore police has charged her with sedition. Maybe if they would’ve heard her out completely, they would realize she was not rooting for Pakistan. But after what she tried to pull off, I don’t think there is a chance in hell anyone is going to listen to her. I must say though, there are very few people with the kind of guts I can only imagine Amulya has, if only she would’ve acted mindfully and not so impulsively.

However, there is something else about this incident that really bothers me. After this story broke, we went to her Facebook profile to further understand her ideologies and the comments that people have left on her posts are baffling. People have verbally bashed her in the form of abuses and insults that could bring anyone to tears.

They have called her names like Pakistan ki Rakehl, slut, whore, prostitute, Pakistani madarchod, anti-national pimp, fucking bitch and much more. People have claimed she is sleeping with Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan and that Amulya should just go and live there. Reading this really shocked me, I knew netizens could be cruel if they wanted to, but this is downright abusive.

You can call Amulya out for being anti-national or saying something that is treacherous to the country. Some might even say they don’t believe in her politics and that she needs to keep her views to herself and it would be acceptable. But, abusing her and calling her a prostitute is unnecessarily harsh and frankly very sexist. There is no connection of her being a “fucking bitch” and her saying “Pakistan Zindabad”. If people expected to mince her words, maybe they need to take a long hard look at what they are saying online as well.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that she does not deserve criticism because she does. All I am saying is that people took it too far and said things that were not related to what she did.

Amulya will be interrogated and presented before a court on the grounds of sedition. Her father completely condemned her behaviour and has all but disowned her. He said that he warned her against being so vocal about her political views and that he hopes that she does not get bail.

Moral of the story is, being passionate about something is good but you need to go about it mindfully and know where to draw the line.

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