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Yogi Adityanath Says Women At Anti-CAA Protests Don’t Know What The CAA Is. Why Are You So Threatened By Women Who Oppose You?

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I am not going to dive deep into what is happening around the country at this very moment because let’s face it, unless you live in your own bubble without newspapers and the internet, you already know. Okay, there are multiple things happening so I should specify that I am talking about the CAA protests. I am not saying that it is a good thing since you know all the violence, but we can’t deny that these protests have taught us a few things. For instance, we have hundreds of fearless women who broke free from all gender-barriers and led these protests and there’s something deeply powerful about women who won’t back down, even when the adversary is a Goliath in many ways.

What I see here is that our women are more empowered and more willing to talk. Which is obviously a good thing. Though, I don’t think UP CM Yogi Adityanath will agree with me. You see, he addressed this very topic at a pro-CAA rally in Kanpur. He started off by saying how “shameful” it is that the men are sitting in the comfort of their homes while the women and children are taking to the streets to protest. Now, this sounds like he is supporting those women and calling out the men for their lack of effort. For a moment there, we almost thought he was saying good things about women, which is shocking, coming from him.

Yogi said, “These people do not have courage to participate in the protests themselves. They know if they indulge in vandalism, their property will be seized. Now what have they done?” He added “They started making the women sit at roads. The children have been made to sit. It’s such a big crime that the men are sleeping under the quilt and the women are made to sit at roads. It is shameful,” he said.

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At several places around the country, women have been at the forefront of this ongoing resistance movement. In Delhi, Lucknow, Bangalore and Mumbai hundreds of women have become the face of these protests to overturn the CAA.

For a split second, I was really excited that an Indian politician was not only acknowledging the women but actually praising them for standing up. Needless to say, that happiness lasted all of two minutes because he went on to talk about how those women are only protesting because the men told them to.

He said, “Those who do not know what the CAA is are staging sit-ins. If you go and ask anyone why are they sitting on ”dharna”, they will say the men of the house feel that they have become so incompetent that they cannot do anything, so they want the women to go and sit on ”dharna”.

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Now, I don’t know what women he has spoken to, but I can tell you he is so far off from reality that it all must be a blur to him. First of all, women are taking charge because they want equality for everyone not because the men of their houses asked them to do this. This statement is a clear reflection of how most of the Indian politicians view women and it is sexist AF.

I can’t help but wonder, what is it about women that make our politicians all jittery? Why can they never accept women taking charge? And the main question of all, is this ridiculous behaviour ever going to change?

The Biggest Narrative Emerging Out Of The CAA Protests Is That Women Have Voices, We’re Fierce And We’ll Protest


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