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Adele Has Lost 45 Kilos With The Sirtfood Diet. Here’s Everything You Need To Know Before You Start Off On This One

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I am relatively slender and petite, and to be honest, have almost always been like this throughout my life. Which often leads to people asking me on the daily, what it is that I do to maintain myself and keep myself this way. And considering, the reason for my presumed fitness is actually just good metabolism and once a week hardcore cardio workout, I am the last person people should come to for advice on how to lose weight or maintain it. Mainly because I belong to the most hated category of people who can eat fries thrice a week and still don’t gain an ounce. But, one who has emerged as quite an inspiration in the matter is none other than the English singer and song-writer Adele, who has recently lost 45 kilos by being on a new diet.

After an Instagram post showing Adele attending the Oscar after-party hosted by Beyonce and JayZ went viral, along with a million pictures that show us a transformed, more toned and a sparkling Adele, people went ballistic trying to figure out just how come the songstress lost all that weight in such little time. Looking radiant and rather slender since she was spotted last, clearly the singer had had done something to suddenly emerge looking much, much lighter.

And upon further investigation into this curious case of losing 45 kgs, we got our hands on the secret that had gotten Adele to transform herself completely. Turns out, the Rolling in the deep singer has been on a low-key diet called the ‘Sirtfood diet’.

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What Is The Sirtfood Diet?

Unlike the other hyped diet plans like Keto or Atkins or Paleo, this one is  lesser-known diet that seems to work on the concept of feeding your body green juices and low-calorie foods in specific combinations. The entire idea and focus of this diet is to increase the metabolism of the body, which in my personal experience too, is key in shedding kilos, and what is does is essentially activate the ‘skinny gene’, by consuming items that are high in sirtuins.

First coined by U.K.-based nutritionists, Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten in the year 2016, this diet calls for increasing the sirtuins level in body to reduce inflammation and increase the rate of metabolism in the body.

What To Incorporate In The Diet Plan

The way it works, Sirtfood diet restricts people by keeping  the calorie count to a 1000 calories  for the first three days of the week and then increase to 1500 calories during the remaining four. People on the diet are suggested to stick to staples that are rich in sirtuins, like green juices, foods like kale, strawberries, onions, parsley, arugula, blueberries, and capers – the idea is use these  ingredients, in different combinations.

Other food items that are allowed during the diet are buckwheat, walnuts and spices like turmeric. Further to that, the surprising elements in the diet plan are the consumption of beverages like coffee, green tea, red wine and even eating dark chocolate for that matter. And suddenly, after reading this, I am convinced that with red wine and chocolate on the bucket list, this might just be the perfect diet out there for the likes of me.

Is It Safe?

A diet plan, that shown immense results, case in point – Adele, is however also regarded as a borderline controversial and dangerous diet for most, considering the way it works in increasing your metabolism could also mean to take you from extreme to underweight in no time. As it already has, in a few cases where the ones trying it, ended up becoming a little too thin.

Also criticised for giving people a kind of an ‘eating disorder’ considering it is restrictive nature, it is best to redefine and keep a close eye on how quickly it is working for you. And so, it is advised to be rather careful, attentive and vary of the moderation in which this diet needs to be followed, because the last thing you want is too drop too many kilos. Just like, ‘excess of everything is bad’, so is lack there of, and that is why it’s important to make sure you’re not compromising on your nutrients in its wake.

As far as Adele is concerned, looks like she’s got it right, as she gives us the perfect motivation and health hack to kick start our weekend with a dose of some healthy living!

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