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5 Things That You’re Doing Unknowingly That Are Making You Put On Weight

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There are two tried and tested ways to lose weight- follow a strict diet and get some kind of a workout in. Though most of us try our best to stick our fitness routine, there are times where despite doing everything right not only are not losing weight, you have actually put on some. It is tough to shed kilos in general but sometimes it just feels impossible and we have figured out why that is. Read on to know all the things that you do on a daily basis that have been sneakily preventing you from reaching your goal weight.

Eating too quickly

We live in a world where people are busier than ever. There is absolutely no time to sit in one place and eat your food in peace. We are so busy trying to get to places that we practically inhale our food and that is not doing us any favours. Eating your food quickly leads you to overeat, it is a fact. The science behind it is that when you eat super quickly, your body does not have enough time to send the “I am full” signal to your brain. Due to which, you end up eating way more than you should be. If you are someone who does this often, try and take smaller bites and focus on your chewing. It will put you back on track.

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Sitting for too long

Fun fact: the average adult sits for around 9-11 hours a day. Think about it, we’ve sat at our office desk chair longer than we have sat on the sofa at home. Obviously, it leads to excessive weight gain that can be just as easily avoided if you would just take occasional breaks from work and walk around the office. Also, if you have a 9-5 job where you are sitting in one place a lot ensure you get a workout in at least thrice a week.

Drinking a lot of beer

You know the days where you don’t want to drink but are in a social situation where you have to, so you stick to beer? That happens with me a lot and hence I know how wrong that is. All alcohol (except tequila) contains calories but beer is probably the worst of them all. I am sure you have heard of the phrase “potbelly”, it happens when you drink beer continuously. Beer contains the most calories that lead to a paunch. Moral of the story? Do not drink beer excessively.

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Overeating “healthy” food

A lot of people believe that eating like 10 almonds a day is okay because almonds are healthy right? Wrong. Overeating anything, healthy or otherwise is very bad idea. Mindful eating along with getting enough exercise is one way of shedding a few kilos. But, going overboard on anything might be having the opposite effect on your waistline. Whatever you eat, eat in proper proportion. And while we are on the subject, please read labels before buying anything. Sometimes what seems like perfectly healthy food is just a bag of calories.

Having irregular mealtimes

Even if you stick to like a super strict diet, it does not work if you do not eat at regular intervals. Eating after long periods of time not only makes you gain weight, they actually make it harder for you to lose weight. This is because when you starve yourself for too long, your body’s metabolism slows down making it tougher for you to burn fat. The best way to beat this is to eat five small healthy meals throughout the day.

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