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A Pakistani Man Got Beaten By His First Wife On His Third Wedding. We Think He Had It Coming

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“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”, they say. Mainly because this tells you that the implications of wronging a woman, could be your worst nightmare. It’s not like women have it easy. And especially, when you get to see it manifest itself into a reality, and in the form of a jilted first wife in this case. This after a Pakistani man was thrashed by his first wife on the day of his wedding with his third wife. And come on, you do think he had it coming, a little bit at least, no?

An incident, that some are calling karma biting him in the backside, took place in Karachi’s Sakhi Hassan Chowrangi area on Monday, during Asif Rafiq’s (the groom, 3 times over) third marriage to a woman. It was then, when Asif’s first wife, Madiha along with her family decided to gate crash the wedding ceremony of her first husband and gave him the beating of a lifetime, after catching him tying the knot with another (3rd) woman.

Turns out,  Madiha claims, she and Asif had gotten married back in 2014, making her the first wife. At this point, we imagine, she didn’t know his ambition to be a serial groom. However, a few years down the line, Asif married another woman, without the consent of Madiha, which is when she objected to the second marriage. At this point, he complied and apologised to her for his decision. He even allegedly made a promise that he would not be with anyone apart from Madiha.

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Clearly, the compulsion to be a groom again caught up with him and when Asif chose to marry again for the third time now, Madiha and her family had had it.  For they completely lost their temper, and first gate crashed the wedding, and then thrashed the groom. They hit the guy who had jilted his own wife, tore his clothes and he looked like his judgement day had come earlier than predicted.

According to Rafiq though, he had said, “It is my right to marry four women at the same time.” Yes, but maybe you should have spoken to your wife first about it.

Meanwhile, a word to the wise and then to the ones like Asif here, if your wife has previously expresses her displeasure at you marrying in rotation, maybe calm down and stop doing it. Unless you enjoy being beaten black and blue, of course.

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