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This Wedding Hall In Pakistan Is Offering Attractive Discounts To Men Who Marry More Than Once. Bas, Yehi Baaki Tha

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We live in a bizarre world where people are capable of doing anything. But out of all the unexplained phenomenon in the universe, most perplexing to me is the human mind, especially of the stupid. How do you explain a man feeling entitled because he is born with a penis? How do you explain a person committing heinous crimes on another human being? How do you explain the lack of empathy and the sheer blindness to the damage you’re doing on so many people? It truly baffles me.

Allow me to let you in on the bewilderment I am feeling. A new wedding hall in Bahawalpur, Pakistan has special inaugural offers but of course, just for the men. It offers men 50% off on second marriage, 75% on the third and 100% off on the fourth. They, however, have a condition that the first wife has to make the booking for her husband’s second marriage.

First of all, what is this offer that’s selling marriage like a pair of pants? Honestly, this reminds of those shady signs outside the stores that read ‘Buy 2, Get 3 Free’. Women are not commodities that you can take home another one after the previous one gets old. Looking at women as disposable objects, meant for the pleasure of men is the very reason behind the deeply ingrained sexism in the world.

Secondly, if the wedding hall is so supportive of the men marrying so many times, why is the same offer not given to a woman? Could be because it would be extremely rare to find a woman like that, especially in a remote area in Pakistan? Actually, anywhere in the world, people are just okay with a man dating and marrying several times. If anything, they will probably tease him a little. But if a woman does that, she is slut-shamed and called a bitch.

I am a little amused, I must admit. But it’s not because this ad is funny; it’s rather offensive! The reason I feel amused is that I cannot believe someone made such an offer and they thought this is so cool. Like where on earth have you left your brains?

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The owner told a reporter, “Usme yeh hai ki hume rishton ko jodna hai aur rishton ko todna nahi. Mere paas log aate hain. Humaare paas aayein aur hum Inshallah unko offer denge.” He says his aim is to play cupid but he’s just playing stupid by encouraging sexism.

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