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The New Season Of Koffee With Karan Will Be A Recap Of Previous Episodes. Sounds Boring And Why Rake Up Old Controversies?

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For most people, guilty pleasures involve indulging in sweet-tooth cravings, or making tiktok videos. I will have to admit that mine, for the longest time had been to sit and binge on episodes of Karan Johar’s famous and pretty controversial show, Koffee with Karan. Which, by the way is back, just not in the way we’d suppose.

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The show started out as a way of getting more insight into the lives of our most loved and favourite celebrity stars- from their relationships with stars, their flops – nothing was too taboo for the show. But over time, instead of being insightful and revealing a gentler, more human side of the stars, it became the cauldron of controversies.  Now I am not going to lie, I have had my share of Sundays reserved for the episodes of this show as they dropped in, but then the standards also slid, especially with the last season doing quite some damage to a select few who did not know any better than to open their mouths on this kind of show. So, do we then really need a recap of sorts?

Yet, when the news of the show returning back surfaced we were drawn to it like a moth to a flame, except it lasted only till the point we got to know how the seventh season is in fact a ‘Best of’ version of all the previous 6 seasons. Titled Koffee with Karan Time Machine, the show is set to air 5 days a week from Monday to Friday, taking us through the old appearances of some famous actors on the show. Which in our opinion is just a way to grab eyeballs and drag names through the mud, all over again.

KJo, who is known for his controversial cup of Koffee and the infamous rapid fire, is of the view to bring those back is probably a good idea. But then, why not let bygones be bygones? This was the show where Kareena and Priyanka took some vary infamous digs at each other and things were pretty cold between them for a while. Of course, then it was all well and good when they appeared on the show together again and acted their way through the show pretending that nothing of the sort had ever happened. They even flattered each other. Ugh.

And hey, we aren’t saying we don’t enjoy it. Hell, this is what keeps us hooked week after week, but we would be lying if we said we aren’t done with the show only interested in uncovering the love and sex life of the ones who appear on it.

This new season, that has started with taking us through Shah Rukh Khan’s snippets throughout the seasons and while it’s a great gimmick to keep the audience interested and take them on a nostalgic trip, it does seem like a cheap shot when it comes to unearthing old woulds, some that my not have yet been healed either. We wonder what Hardik Pandya and K L Rahul feel about this..

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