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Google Says Search Results For ‘Self-Care’ Are At A Record Breaking During This Lockdown. Everyone’s Mental Health Is Affected

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In my opinion, and I am not being cynical here, but the kind of lives we lived before we were facing a global pandemic, could more or less end up killing all of us anyway. From having a routine that was as fast paced and unrelenting, we were constantly running to get ahead and that  often came at the cost of not being able to take care of ourselves even when we need it. Reducing self care to buying ourselves drinks over the weekend and drowning our worries in those shots, it was almost as if we had forgotten what it meant to slow down and just look after ourselves.

However, ironically enough, it is now as the world presently sits quietly that people have finally seem to have started paying heed to the needs of their minds and bodies, and we say this after getting to know how ‘self-care’ is at a record high in terms of google search over the past couple of weeks. With people stuck at their homes, having enough time to sit and introspect, they’ve been utilising this time the best way they can and that is by practicing some self care.

In a tweet that was made by Google recently, Google shared how, “A thread on Search trends: “Self-care” is at an all-time high. From peaceful playlists  to virtual meditations — here’s what the world is searching for this week.” And we could resonate with it, considering all of us are sailing in the same boat at the moment.

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What at first might have felt like living through your worst nightmare, has now been coming across as a blessing in disguise, for people are finally using this free time on their hands to bring about lifestyle changes and care more for themselves, now that they know how little they actually need to survive and be happy. Other ideas that have also been on the top in the list of Google search have been “how to organise” and “how to calm down”, both of which could come as sound advice for all of us.

Earlier to this, Google trends showed words like ‘stress’ and ‘cooking’ were at the top of the search results and to see that people have progressed from that to self care, is reassuring in itself. It really is the time to include little changes and pamper yourself to get some well-deserved care, be it by getting enough sleep, eating meals on time or even finally having enough time to pursue a hobby. Make use of this time to reconnect not just with people, but yourself too!

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