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A Man From UP Shot His Sister Dead, 24 Hours Before Her Wedding, Because Pictures Of Her Affair Turned Up.

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As a younger sister, having an elder brother while growing up has had its own kind of pros and cons. From having him to fall back upon when I needed some leniency from mom and dad, to being scared of him finding out when I started to drink or indulge in other habits he didn’t approve of, it’s been a rollercoaster ride. And while I have always respected him as an elder brother, on days even feared his strictness more than my dad but then again, he wouldn’t ever hurt me even if he didn’t agree with me. A fact that we couldn’t say for a man in Meerut, who shot his sister dead 24 hours before she had to tie the knot, because he found out something distressing.

In a shocking piece of news, it has recently been reported that a man from Uttar Pradesh, Meerut shot his own sister a day before her wedding, after he found out that his sister was having an alleged affair.

Turns out, that the victim was having an alleged affair with her sister’s brother-in-law Kasim. After the woman was engaged to another man, Kasim felt scorned and in rage decided to circulate and make viral some very private and controversial pictures of the victim.

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Upon finding out about his sister’s photos had been leaked and izzat compromised, the brother got furious to the point of shooting her dead. Because apparently, it was a deadly sin for a woman to be involved with any man that her brother does not approve of, and she had to pay for having a heart and mind of her own with her very life.

Police reports shared that the victim had an affair with her sister’s brother-in-law Kasim, who is a resident of Khurja in Bulandshahr district and were together for almost 4 years. When the family of the girl found out about the affair, they even approached Kasim to marry the woman, however he refused. After this, she was engaged to someone else and that is when her photos were leaked.

Arvind Chaurasia, Circle Officer, Kotwali said, “The man has murdered his sister after coming to know about her affair and the objectionable photos which went viral. We have arrested the accused and he has confessed to the crime.  The accused has been sent to jail after he was produced in a court.”

It’s a shame that the unrealistic expectations of men in this society, for a woman to be faultless or always do what is being told has cost a poor girl her life, not hours before her wedding. Such honour killings must end, and we hope that the accused faces strict punishment for his unforgivable crime.

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