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A Man Came Up With An Innovative Cuddle Curtain To Be Able To Hug His Grandmother During Lockdown. The Wholesome Video Will Make You Smile

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Out of the many things that this lockdown has taught us to not take for granted, from our lifestyle to our access to friends and family, and even groceries, one of the most eye-opening experiences has been to learn to value the power of personal touch and comfort. As social distancing was put into place more than 9 weeks ago, with the prime objective of keeping people from making any physical contact, lest they become carriers for this deadly virus, a hug or kiss has become a distant memory. Those who weren’t quarantined together, at this point, may as well have forgotten what it felt like to even do something as simple as a hug. And if we look at it, not being able to comfort those you love during such a time has in a way emerged as the biggest tragedy here.

However, determined to find a way around this, without risking the lives of himself and his grandmother, Antony Cauvin came up with a next level kind of a genius, just so he could hug his old grandma and comfort her. A video that has not just captured the warm and loving embrace of this grandson and grandmom duo, but also our hearts by just how overjoyed the two were to share that hug.

A video that is now doing rounds on the internet was originally been shared by Cauvin’s wife Miriam and then by many who came across it and couldn’t help but get moved by it. As was the case with India’s business tycoon Anand Mahindra who too shared this heart-warming video.

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Making use of the most basic in-house equipment of shower curtains and plastic, Antony Cauvin was inspired to find a way to meet and greet his grandmother without stirring trouble and so, he made what people are calling ‘the cuddle curtain’. As the video starts with the grandmother walking slowly out of the house with plastic in her hands and towards the curtain, Antony directs her to put her arms in the plastic outlets hanging out from the curtain while he does the same from his end.

And then, as the duo hugs for quite a longtime, we turned teary eyed at just how raw and tangible the emotions from the videoare to us. We don’t even know them. Gone viral in just a few days, the video currently has more than 5.6 million views with comments from several users who too feel inspired to cuddle with their grandparents. And guess, now they know how to!

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