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A Japanese Hotel Offers A Room Stay At Only 67 Rupees But You Will Be Live On Youtube The WHOLE Time. Would You Do It?

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You know what Instagram did recently, right? They took away the likes. Yeah, they did that. So now we have no way to know if a lot of people out there like other people’s content or not. Then there are other people who aren’t driven by these things – the ones who like things private and all and they care for how much information is out there about them. Who are these people? There have been a lot of times in the last couple of years, when with every new development in the field of social media, be it the coming of new platforms or new updates in the existing mediums, that we have consciously or unconsciously shed yet another layer of our privacy. For extra likes, for followers or simply for more attention.

And all this while, being the kind of social media addicts that none of it had seemed too prying to us, until recently when we heard about one of the most bizarre things happening in a hotel in Japan, that offers a room for stay at only 100 yen a night which roughly works out to 67 rupees. What a steal, you think, right? There’s a catch.

This hotel in Japan, Asahi Ryokan in Fukuoka has come up with a steal deal of a night’s stay in a decent and minimalistic room for this price but with one very intrusive condition- that the guest will have to agree to be live-streamed on a channel, as the room would have a camera recording their every move. In what has come across as a rather real-life version of the popular TV Show – Bigg Boss, this hotel in Japan is pushing the social media limits to an unbelievable limit, but is it really all that bad?

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The room that is equipped with all the basic amenities from a TV to a foldable sleeping mat and a small coffee table is cosy enough to keep you comfortable, but also under the constant eye of a camera of a tablet pointed right at the middle of the room, offering literally no blind spot for you to escape its glare. The feed is then streamed live at YouTube channel One dollar hotel, and apparently offers only video and no audio.

And all of this has but us thinking of just how far are people willing to go in this world of social media, where the price for a roof over your head comes at the cost of your privacy being sold to millions on the internet in a live media form. In fact, there are many who religiously follow up with the channel and watch the feed of the guests, for reasons that are honestly beyond us at this point. What could you possibly gain by watching an stranger do mundane things in a small hotel room, we aren’t sure. But clearly, it’s worth offering the guest a cheap stay and keeping many entertained.

The idea behind this has been told to make it something special and something that people talk about. And we have to give it to them, it has in fact managed to achieve just that with it’s unique approach that might be taking it a little too far. But to each his own it seems, and as long as people are aware of the consequence, guess there is no harm.

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