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A Government School In Kerala Has Introduced Unisex Uniforms For Kids And We Think It’s Genius!

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Just the other day, my editor and I were sitting and having a chat about the kind of content we put out and all the reasons why, at the end of the day, we would choose to stand behind it no matter what. One of the most recurring and prime reasons, apart from us really believing in what we write, was the imminent need for quality, strong and feminist content to be out there to make people dwell on the idea of equality. Or lack there of. You know, for more than just a minute or a passing conversation. We want it to be a conversation not ignited by the fire of burning bras but by women who live in the now, fighting to be seen, heard and be counted.

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A notion that many say already persists, what with women being able to work and take a few decisions related to their life. Which is all good and reassuring, but still far from being ideal or all-pervasive. And anyone who says otherwise, has their definition of  an ‘ideal world’ as skewed as the current state of affairs for men and women in this country. A fact that may be changing now, especially with conscious steps being taken to address it. And leading this change very recently is a school in Kerala that has introduced unisex uniforms for all its students.

We have been taught, since we were little kids, the difference between a girl and a boy is merely biological. But having grown up to a different and almost contradictory reality, gender has ended up becoming a reason for bias, crime and discrimination. But not anymore, says the Valayanchirangara Government Lower Primary School of Kerala, that has taken the initiative to introduce gender-neutral uniforms for all the kids.

The headmistress of the government school told The Hindu in an interview that, “This is particularly convenient for girls who can play easily now. We were initially worried about the reaction from parents who might want their girls to continue wearing skirts. But most parents have welcomed the idea. The girls are excited about the pockets in the shorts too.” And it does feel like a good place to start.

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Having eliminate the need for bias at such a root level could ensure a wholesome upbringing for the kids, paving the way to see each other in equal light and without facing any sort of gender discrimination. This initiative is first of its kind since not many government schools practice such a code of conduct. But there is hope, that they may now consider following suit.

This school is breaking stereotypes and we are here for it!

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