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This Transgender Couple Had A Traditional Bangla Wedding With All The Rituals And It’s Fatafati!

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“Aamra shontaan ke ei bhabe toiri korechi“- said Tista Das’ family talking about raising their children with love and respect, regardless of their gender identity. Recently, 38-year-old Tista Das and 40-year old Dipan Charaborty tied the knot in a traditional Bangla wedding, surrounded by friends and family. The first transgender wedding in the state, both Dipan, formerly Dipannita, and Tista, formerly Susanto have gone through gender reassignment surgery to claim their true identities.

Set against the auspicious ulu dhoni from the women of the family and playing the dhak as loud as possible, this transgender couple have gone against all odds to celebrate their love!

Tista, who went through with the life changing surgery fifteen years ago, is a well-known LGBTQ personality in Kolkata. An actor by profession, she is also the Bengal’s first transsexual woman with a voter ID card. Tista met Dipan, who hails from Assam three years ago and have been in a beautiful relationship with him since. Das made her special way way more powerful with her choice to dress up as a classic Bengali bride, full with chandan kaaj bindi and laal shari. “We are all ecstatic, not just me but each and everyone who has supported us. It has indeed been a tough ride, facing stiff social stigma. Therefore, this day has special significance in all our lives. And what adds to it is the fact that we could chose our life partner,”, elaborated Das.

Dipan, on the other hand, pulled through with his genji and dhiti attore. Bong boys will attest that this traditional groom’s garb feel “khola” in front of relatives, so we give major props to Dipan for going through with it! Talking about his personal struggles, Dipan siad, “Being social outcasts we only hope this day sends out a message for people to realise that we are humans too, we do have feelings as well and we too have possibilities in life. I can only hope mindsets change and people come out of fear,”. The couple claim to be outside the ‘gender box’ and call this union win for the LGBTQ community in a very conservative society. Love!

While Tista’s family were all about love and acceptance at the wedding, Dipan’s family chose to keep a distance. It is definitely a sight to see fabulous gender-binary people decked out in dhuti kurtas, standing by the couple. There is no place for judgement or hate in the mondap room. Even the pundit had an amusing response, “I have never seen anything like this. This is a historical”. And indeed it is. Gone are the days when transgender couples had to get married in court rooms, missing the joy of a big wedding. Kolkata’s first transgender wedding had all the craziness of an aiburobhaat (bridal shower) and boubhats (reception). This has indeed given us a lot of joy!

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