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A 103-Year-Old Woman In Iran Has Recovered From The New Coronavirus. This Gives Us Hope But We Still Have To Be Cautious.

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We know that it’s the elderly people that are more susceptible to coronavirus. In fact, the mortality rate in senior citizens is much higher than the rest of us. According to World Health Organisation, the mortality rate was 3.4 per cent overall. But when it comes to people over the age of 80, the mortality rate was 21.9 per cent, according to a report by WHO in collaboration with the Chinese authorities.

However, a 103-year-old woman in Iran has completely recovered after being infected by COVID-19. She was hospitalised in the city of Semnan and was “discharged after making a complete recovery,” as reported by Iranian state media. The woman was hospitalised for about a week and made a speedy recovery. The methods used for treatment is not known yet.

This woman was the second elderly patient in Iran to have recovered from the new coronavirus. Earlier, a 91-year-old man recovered in just three days. He also had conditions like high blood pressure and asthma but still emerged victorious against this.

Recently, a 100-year-old man in Wuhan, China also recovered from the new coronavirus. Reports suggest that he had Alzheimer’s disease, hypertension and heart problems too. It’s almost a miracle that he returned to health after getting infected.

There’s a lot of uncertainty around coronavirus because it caught us off guard and ill-equipped. However, it’s known that the elderly are at greater risk but it doesn’t mean that they have no scope of recovery. Similarly, while the youngsters are still going out, feeling over confident that they can survive coronavirus, that is not certain either. Nobody is 100% safe and immune to the new coronavirus.

According to a recent study by Chinese researchers, people with A type blood were more susceptible to COVID-19 while people with O blood group were at lower risk comparatively. This study is not peer-reviewed yet but there’s no harm in being a little extra cautious.

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Social distancing is of utmost importance right now because even if you feel you can survive coronavirus, your parents are still more susceptible to it. If you get infected, you will be carrying the virus home and also be passing it on to several other people on the way. The cases will multiply in no time and soon, we will be in Italy-like state. We don’t even have balconies to start a sing-a-thon.

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