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Big Brother Germany Milked The Coronavirus Outbreak For More Views By Not Telling The Contestants About It. It’s A New Low, Even For Reality Television

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These days I am trying to practise social distancing. However, I have not been avoiding social eavesdropping and that’s why and otherwise also, I know that everything, everyone and anyone at all is only talking about coronavirus; there are posters, articles, campaigns and memes on the same. The vibe is of a mix of panic, disaster management and uncertainty, with a sprinkle of hope and humour. People all over the world are practising social distancing and I wonder how extroverts are dealing with that. After China, Europe is going through a severe outbreak and videos of deserted streets have been giving us apocalypse-kinda feels.

And while we are in the middle of a pandemic, can you imagine that some people are completely oblivious to its existence? Well, it was only last night that the contestants in Big Brother Germany were informed about the global outbreak. According to BBC News, contestants on Big Brother Canada and Big Brother Australia have been informed too. But Brazil’s contestants are still in the dark about such the dramatic turn of events.

Dr. Andreas Kaniewski and host Jochen Schropp told the 14 contestants from behind a protective sheet of glass that “a disease called COVID-19 had spread across the world” and “reached Europe.” When the contestants got into the house, coronavirus was still majorly in China. They were then shown news clips and footage of empty streets in Italy and Germany. It’s needless to say that the contestants were shocked and some even had a breakdown.

The show has been receiving a lot of flak for not informing the contestants earlier. In fact, all this was done in a live episode and people are turned off that for the sake of TRPs, Big Brother has compromised on the contestants’ health. Quite a rubbish move.

While the production house Endemol Shine has said that they have taken measures to protect the health of the contestants, it’s not revealed what these measures are. Also, it’s been reported that a majority of cases have been observed in the North Rhine-Westphalia region of Germany, which is also where Big Brother is filmed.

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The contestants will have access to psychological counselling to deal with the news. The producers have also assured them that all their queries will be answered. It seems like right now is the best time to be in Big Brother because that’s the most luxurious self-quarantine facility ever! Since none of the contestants are coming in contact with the outside world, it’s better if they stick to the Big Brother house to stay away from the virus.

However, it needs a mention that in these times, using a virus to garner eyeballs seems like a low blow and one that we didn’t expect reality shows to turn to. I guess we expected too much.

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