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5 Things You’ll Relate To If You’ve Just Started Working Out

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One of the drawbacks of being born skinny and then being skinny throughout your teenage and adult life is that you never get introduced to the concept of working out. Not soon enough, at least. It was only recently that I realised that being slim and being fit are two very different things. And suddenly,  I was made aware of how my tummy that was flat but is turning outwards so it looks like I might be nurturing a baby. That was when I decided on finally getting in the field and trying my hand at working out.

With enough friends, and by friends I mean gym-a-holics, convincing me of all the great things that will follow once I start working out, I took the (p)lunge and set up a proper routine for myself. Except, it wasn’t half of what I expected, and everything that I dreaded. One week into working out, I find myself in a conundrum, feeling torn because I do enjoy working out but also I can’t feel my legs.

And since I have a feeling that this would go on for a while, I did the only thing I can do without wincing in pain and that is writing about it. Here are 5 things you’d relate to if you’ve just started working out –

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Morning Soreness

Inspired by the term morning sickness this usually hints at the nauseating feeling pregnant women feel during the initial months of their pregnancy. This basically means the nauseating and excruciating pain beginners feel during the first few days, wait no, first few weeks of working out and just can’t escape. From body pain that finds a permanent refuge in your bones and joints, to feeling like you’ll never be able to take a seat without letting out at least one painful moan, morning soreness hits you and it hits you hard!

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Staircase Scare-case

Suddenly it’s like your worst fears are actualised into reality everytime you come across a flight of stairs, because that would mean making use of your legs, that by this time have most probably transformed into wooden planks that just refuse to bend. And so, every time your office lift stops working and you come face to face with a staircase, you honestly start considering the idea of either going back straight home or crawling your way up, which will might cost you a lot more time and all of your self-respect.

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Shopping Temptations

The thing with rookie workout-ers like me is that for us the idea of having a fresh start into this world of exercising  comes in phases. The first phase being that of over-enthused thrifters who want to spend every dime of their salary on equipping themselves with new workout gear, clothes, vitamins and protein shakes, basically anything and everything that they’ve seen other people using, just to feel more like they belong to this group.

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Urge for Instant Results

A few days into working out regularly, even if it’s only for 13 minutes on most days, and you find yourself obsessively looking for that old pair of jeans, that were a little too tight and a little too expensive to discard. You’ve saved them for the day you are slim enough for once again. Because, there is no way in hell that I’d be the only one trying to force myself in those old clothes thinking a few days of brisk walking on the treadmill will magically make you lose those inches that took months to come along…

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Obsessive lover feels

Like someone who has recently fallen in love, you find yourself so incessantly and dangerously drawn to the idea, that it’s all you can talk about. From dinner table conversations to even somehow turning work meetings about ultimately talking about working out, you can’t escape the itch to make everything about exercising. Suddenly every piece of advice or even your tales of entertaining stories start and end with you at the gym and while you talk about pull ups, other simply pull back..

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