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5 Ways To Fight The Urge To Procrastinate. You Need To Get Moving Now That The Lockdown May Be Ending Soon

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Out of the million life skills that this pandemic has endowed me with like learning how to make gol rotis, cleaning, co-existing and resisting my urges to order from outside, there are a few skills I could have done without. One of the most diabolical and anti-productive has been the art of procrastination that I have happened to have developed as collateral damage during this quarantine.

Having been given bountiful time to stay home and catch up on whatever we had been missing out, which ideally would’ve meant fitness routines, pending books and personal goals, the only thing I’ve really been able to catch up to is my sleep and TV shows. Which, let’s face it, has put me into a fix as everything else has gone on hold. Including my work, which I am supposed to be doing from home.

And while, there hasn’t been much accumulated guilt over the past two months for procrastinating almost every task that was on my to-do list, now as the time for this lockdown to end gets nearer and nearer, it might be a good thing to finally shake yourself off from all the inactivity. Because the last thing you want when this is all over, is having to stay indoors for even longer, just because you couldn’t get yourself to be up and about. Here are 5 ways in which you can fight the urge to procrastinate…

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Improve your lifestyle

One of the biggest reasons for this inertia that we find ourselves in is the on-repeat schedule we’ve had for over two months now. All our days comprise irregular sleep, binge-eating accompanied by binge-watching and the occasional help we offer to our parents, we’ve conditioned ourselves to follow this routine. And so, to break this rut of procrastination, the first step would be to delve yourself into a lifestyle that challenges you more and makes you more active!

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Set daily targets

Start easy. Make a list of things you have to get done and bung them as tasks to be completed during the week and not just one day. Go easy on yourself and ease into getting one thing done at a time, slowly building your pace to taking up more work for a day. And just like that, before you know it you’ll be back to your go-getter self!

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Identify your distractions

Most important step in your process to re-acclamatise yourself with pro-activeness, is to identify all the factors that are distracting you from your goals.  For me, it definitely is getting lost in an endless loop of dog videos on Instagram or losing track of time while FaceTiming with my best friends. So, the natural and most productive thing to do would be to steer clear of all the electronics, set a target for yourself and not let yourself access any of the distractions until you’re all done.

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Reward yourself upon completion

One of the most efficient ways to get anything  done is by offering enough motivation so that the person can’t say no to it. Employers take care of it in a monetary form by offering us salaries, and we can do it by treating ourselves to something we’ve wanted to do. Be it a movie you’ve put on hold to get that errand done, or a the last slice of that homemade cake you’ve been saving for yourself, give your self tiny rewards or treats, to make the work seem more joyful!

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Have someone to keep a check on you

The way I work, it often works in my best interest to have someone breathing down my neck for some of my best work has cometo the fore in times of great pressure. And so, having someone to keep a check on you, be it your parents, your best friends or even your siblings would always help you get going on those targets, if not out of will, then fear!

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