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5 Thoughts I Had While Listening To Honey Singh’s Loca. We Wanted To Cut Our Ears Off, Mainly

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Out of all the various updates, bell icons, extensions and everything social media provides you with, you know so you can have a finger on the pulse of what’s happening in your field of interest, one option that they still haven’t got is one where you can avoid coming across any news or update or in this case any song by a certain someone who’s mere presence offends your entire being. What we are looking for here is the opposite of the bookmark option, and what we are trying to escape is Honey Singh and his yet another hideous and utterly useless latest single –Loca.

As someone who deeply despises Honey Singh, as a man, an artist and especially as a song-writer, I was pretty bummed when my editor tricked me into watching the video for his latest single  Loca. And considering he has a track record of making songs that have the power of instantly giving you a headache if you’re a feminist, he managed to do what he does best – disappoint and how.

And not trying to sound like staunch haters here, though it wouldn’t take much to do that, anyone who listens to this song and watches the video, would most probably have the near same reaction as we just did. Here are 5 thoughts that crossed our minds when we saw the video for Honey Singh’s new song.

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Does Indeed Makes You Go Loca!

The song that that has the word ‘Loca’ repeated more times than it has beats may or may not manage to do anything else but by saying it enough number of times, it ensures that you will do anything to make him shut up. Maybe he didn’t pay the lyricist and this is that guy’s way of getting back at Honey. Maybe they didn’t bother with lyrics because why? We would like 3 minutes and 40 seconds of their lives back please.

Cocktail Recipe

You have to admit, this is a smart move on Honey Singh’s part. More than anything, this is just a leaked video of a cocktail recipe that he might’ve been working on, because honestly it has all the makings of a whiskey sour or a gin and tonic, and zero makings of what most would call sound music. But hey, we aren’t the ones to criticise, because if nothing, this might come in handy when bartenders at clubs run out of ideas for cocktails. Everyone can use a little inspiration, okay?

Such Wardrobe Much Wow

While the song is enough trauma in itself, the video has earned full points for keeping up with the hideousness by way of its painfully bright wardrobe. In what seems like hotel bathrobes dyed in aggressive shades of purple, while the women have been given a bow in the name of tops, the entire yacht looks like a scene from a circus, the kind that might just make you blind, if you’re lucky that is. Not to forget the unfashionable combinations of using animal print with faux fur that looks just as much a rip off as the song.

Breakthrough for the Lyricists

The song can be paraded as an example to other songwriters and lyricists, for the world class choice of words, rhymes and to top it all, noises that have been used as words to make the song last a whole 3 minutes and 40 seconds earns a recommendation from us.

Questionable Budget Allocation

If only Yo Yo Honey Singh would’ve considered spending just as much common sense into making this song as he did in making the video, what all with shooting it on a yacht, featuring high end luxury cars, he might have been able to infuse some tune into this, but I guess the entire production team decided against such intelligent thoughts. But considering that has never been his forte, we will let this go, just as we’re letting this song go!

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