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Honey Singh Justified The Offensive Lyrics In His Songs And Refused To Take Any Responsibility For Them. Wow! Another Man-Child

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I don’t get surprised or shocked easily. It’s probably because I have accepted that life is unpredictable, humans are unpredictable and also that there are several shitty people out there. We are in the era of kalyug after all. So when we hear about misogynists, it doesn’t shock me, it continues to disappoint me. But when a criminal case was registered against Honey Singh, for using lewd lyrics in his new single Makhna by the Women’s Commission in Punjab, I was pleasantly surprised and elated. Finally, Honey Singh was being taken down for the deeply disturbing lyrics he uses in his songs.

But recently he gave an interview, and spoke like someone with no regret, would. “I just keep working. I think an artiste should keep working. Many people might feel bad about several things but my intention has never been to hurt anyone. I just make music. Whether it works or not, and if it is liked or not or if anyone is hurt… I can’t do anything about it,” Singh told IANS. I don’t understand how an artist relieves himself of any responsibility of his art. Whatever money, fame and career he has, it is because of all those people who listen to his music. He owes it to the people, to handle this fame responsibly. How can he be so unapologetic about lyrics like “main hoon womaniser” in the song Makhna which basically got him in trouble. What about songs like Balaatkari? The lyrics go like “Raat ko nikli naari, hui gaadi pe savaari, par woh raat usko pad gayi bhaari, Peeche se aaya main, utaari uski sari, kacchi phaadi, lund gaadi aur gaand maari” The lyrics talk about molesting a woman, who unfortunately was out at night alone and how he enjoyed doing her through the backdoor. How is this okay?

I like how such misogyny is deeply ingrained in some men. Even if half of your country finds your behaviour disturbing, they will still throw their hands up in the air, absolving themselves of all responsibility. I mean, look at how Shahid Kapoor and Sandeep Reddy are hell bent on justifying Kabir Singh. I seriously don’t understand, why these people can’t just apologise for making content that’s disrespectful and demeaning to women. Why can’t they at least accept responsibility of what they create? It doesn’t make you a small person to acknowledge that your content is offensive. In fact, you owe it to us. We’ve contributed to their careers and making them who they are today. We are all part of the society that we want to change, and we all have responsibilities.

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Honey Singh, spoke about his struggles with alcoholism and bipolar disorder. “I have become stronger now. I never faced such problems in life but when it happened I had my family to support me and help me fight and get out of it,” he said. But seriously, I have no sympathy to offer this human being, who encourages rape in his songs and then justifies it.


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