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5 Thoughts I Had While I Watched Ole Ole 2.0 From Jawaani Jaaneman. One Of Them Definitely Was, ‘Damn, That’s Fun’

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Jawaani Jaaneman, is a movie about a daughter (played by Alaya F) looking to unite her hippie mother (played by Tabu *fangirling*) and her playboy father (played by Saif). When I put it like that, I know that the plot does not sound compelling at all, but after watching the trailer and now this song I can’t wait to watch this movie. I know it is going to have all the elements of a quintessential Bollywood movie, by this I mean all the good elements of course. Ole Ole 2.0 from this movie that just released, is a clear representation of just that. Here are 5 thoughts I had while I was watching the newly released video. Take a look, but before you do watch the video below.

1. Okay, so seriously what is going on with Bollywood? It’s like they have run out of original thoughts in the ’90s and early 2000’s. But I have to say, I really enjoyed this version of Ole Ole. Especially the change in hook step. The hook step of the OG song is somewhat cringy with Saif kneeling and catching hold of the stomach/boobs of various women. In this one, they are dabbing (for some reason) but it looks like something we would dance to on a very drunken night.

2. The scene with Saif dancing around the house, wearing his bathrobe is super relatable. Isn’t that what we all do when we are left all alone in the house?? Take a nice long shower then put on a bathrobe and jump all around the house pretending I am performing at a concert. At least that’s what I do, but I don’t think I look half as cool doing it as Saif does. Though I have to say, that scene of him lifting dumbbells in one hand and drinking beer in another is my spirit animal’s fitness regime.

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3. Shoutout to Saif’s stylist in this movie. He has worn the funkiest clothes ever and he looks like a complete snack. I can’t help but laugh at those wacked out floral shirts though, the white one is my favourite. However, can someone please explain to me why is he wearing sunglasses in practically every scene of this song? It is like those sunglasses are also a character in this video. Who are the people who wear sunglasses inside a club and where can I meet them?

4. Saif has played a tharki so well I have laughed so hard through all his sex scenes. Like the one where he wakes up handcuffed to the bed (pink fur no less) and finds that underwear which looks like it is three underwear’s stitched together. The gradual change in his expression from impressed to “WTF happened last night” was hilarious AF. I was also flipping at the scene where he sprays perfume inside his pants because seriously, who does that? Don’t judge me, but when I watched that a small part of me wished more guys would do that TBH. Just maybe without the expression that Saif makes right after though.

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5. I want to take a moment to discuss his dance steps. You know that scene when he enters the dance circle and does the Naagin dance followed by what I am sure is a Tandav step and then is rolling about on the floor while the lyrics are Acchi lage meri Shaitanniya? In all the Bollywood songs I have watched, no step has ever cracked me up as much. PS: what club is that and how can I get in? It looks like so much fun.

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