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5 Thoughts I Had About The Song Teri Bhabhi From Coolie No. 1. Mainly, Why Are We Doing This In 2020?

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Until a few months ago, I loved a bad song or a bad movie. But this lockdown has taught me that life is too short to waste it on crappy cinema. However, even I can’t deny all the horrible songs and movies are very entertaining. Just like this one, Teri Bhabhi from Coolie No 1, is. 

Basically, the song defines for us just how obsessed Varun’s character is with Sara’s character. I don’t know why that is something Bollywood is glorifying but well, that’s what is happening. I know I say this about a lot of songs but this one is truly atrocious. And that makes it all the more entertaining for me to list down my thoughts. Check it out. 

1. After giving my thoughts on numerous songs, I think I possess the ability to recognize a truly terrible song. Like this one. It feels like the makers have tried to make the song as Bollywood-y as possible and may have gone a tad OTT. Besides, the whole video is like a rehash of how movies in the 90s looked and while I love retro as much as the next person, I think we’ve had enough rehashes and remixes. However, it’s become exceedingly clear that Bollywood has zero original thoughts left. It makes me so sad to think about just how low our level of music, if you can even call Teri Bhabhi that, has fallen. 

2. How does no one find it creepy that Varun is obsessing over Sara in this very weird way? He has photographs and life-sized cardboard cutouts of her! Ugh. It’s borderline stalking. Were they trying to make the song so extraordinarily cringy or was that just a happy blunder? I should clarify, happy for us. Not them. Besides, what can we expect from a movie that’s basically about catfishing? 

3. I hang out on Youtube constantly but this video was so difficult to get through. Everything about it gets on my nerves. Especially the lyrics. For instance, “Jab Bhi Tu Dekhti Hai Meri Jaan Mujhko Hass Ke Aisa Lage Hai Mujhko Naagan Gayi Hai Das Ke.” Is he flirting with her? Is a snake biting him supposed to be somehow romantic? Also, did anyone notice how very, very randomly in the middle of the song Varun just screams, “Feelings” in a sensual way? Damn, it’s no wonder Indian men flirt the way they do. Songs and movies like this are their inspiration. I honestly don’t know whether to laugh at their nonsense or shake my head in disappointment. 

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4. Do you know how people say that anything in excess is not good either? Yeah, someone on set needed to tell that to Sara and Varun after watching their expressions. What is going on with their faces? And why are so many of their expressions so overly sexual? For example, just go back to the part where Sara is shimming with her hands behind her back and look at her expression and then look at Varun’s. The overuse of expressions definitely did not make this song better. If anything, it made me want to never watch the video again. 

5. Overall, it’s a terrible song. On social media, however, people are comparing the song’s Teri Bhabhi to ‘Savita Bhabhi’. If you don’t know who that is, we should not be having this conversation. You can see why that’s so hilarious though. Anyway, unlike me, whose occupation hazard it is, if you can avoid watching this video please do.

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