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5 Thoughts I Had While Watching Kiara Advani’s ‘Heelein Toot Gayi’. Mainly Ki, The Lyrics Contradict Themselves.

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Here at Hauterfly, we share our thoughts on a lot of movie trailer and songs. Usually, it’s quite fun but every now and then you come across a video that is cringe-worthy to a whole new level. If I am being honest, Heelein Toot Gayi from the movie Indoo Ki Jawani is a terrible song. No one needs to hear Kiara Advani crying over broken heels for two minutes straight. Yes, that’s what the whole song is. It’s idiotic, TBH. 

However, after doing this for a while I have come to the realization that the worse the video and song, the more fun it is for us. Having said that, here are 5 thoughts I had while watching Heelein Toot Gayi. Enjoy! 

PS: Watch the video first. It’ll be worth it. 

1. Okay, show of hands. How many of y’all think Bollywood needs to give its songs a 180-degree makeover? I am being serious. I get irked when they rip off other songs, but then Bollywood produces an original song and it turns out to be like this. Heelein Toot Gayi is as pointless as the name sounds. I could’ve gone my whole life without needing to hear Kiara Advani crying over broken heels. I am starting to think Bollywood is purposely making bad songs. I mean, come on! No one can go so wrong so many times. 

2. Erm, what is the connection between pilots, flight attendants and broken heels? I know that sounds like the premise of the kind of joke your dad would crack but trust me, I’m baffled. In the first few frames of Heelein Toot Gayi, why is Kiara and all the background dancers dressed like the only thing the fashion stylist of this song had were flight attendant Halloween costumes? Especially, when there is no connection of a plane and the theme of the song. Ugh. 

3. While watching this video over and over again, I realised that the lyrics contradict themselves. The song, titled, Heelien Toot Gayi, is about Kiara whining about her broken heels. With me so far? And yet, the very first line of the song is, “Choti Choti Baaton Par Main Roti Nahi Vaise”. If that statement was true, we wouldn’t have to sit through the two-minute torturous song. 

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4. Is it an unwritten rule somewhere that all songs must have a girl who is asking men to buy her nice things? In this song, Kiara is asking the guy to buy her heels because her’s broke. A day after she bought them apparently. I never thought I’d be saying this but it seems like Kiara needs shopping lessons. Anyway, coming to the point, the lyrics are, “Tu Fekta Lambi Lambi Hai/ Yahi Aadat Teri Gandi Hai/ Ik Jodi Heelein Dilwa De/ Dikkat Mein Teri Bandi Hai”. Why can’t she buy her own heels? And not just any heels, she is asking him to buy Louboutins for her because he promised to make her a queen. Why must girls be portrayed so shallow and why must loyal audiences (us, obviously) be subjected to this crap? Besides, I am trying to remember what this song reminds me of. Oh wait, that’s right, every Punjabi song ever. 

5. The bottom line is that Heelein Toot Gayi from Indoo Ki Jawani is cringy AF. The only thing I kind of liked was Kiara Advani’s golden saree but even that made her look like an Oscar award. And not in a good way.

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