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5 Fun and Spooky Things To Do This Halloween With Your BFFs

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Halloween isn’t born in India, and yet it has caught on! I personally love Halloween simply because it’s related to all things spooky and the costumes really intrigue me into celebrating this festival.

Last year was my first Halloween party (I am 23 and a late bloomer) and I went dressed as a cat because I had to put it out there that my love for cats is, in fact, real and obsessive. And to be honest, I looked pretty darn cute as well (way to be modest, LOL). Anyway, this year I realised that even though my body is 23, mentally I am a 50-year-old who hates partying and loud music. So this year I called up my girlfriends and asked them if they are willing to ditch the same old party and do something crazy instead. And to my surprise, they instantly agreed to it.

Now the thing is, I wasn’t really prepared for this! I hadn’t decided on what to do, so I researched and came up with some really interesting ideas for this Halloween. And if you are sailing in the same boat as me then you can definitely try these as well.


  1. Horror Movie Marathon

Okay, I know the most cliche of the to-do list on Halloween is watching horror movies. In fact, it’s a ritual for everyone to sit down, dim the lights, pop some corns, get comfortable and just wait to be spooked! But I think it’s more fun and enjoyable when you are doing it with your girlfriends because we all have that one friend in the group who will “boo” you from the back and scare everyone. Confused what to watch? Here’s a curated list for you.

2. Halloween Themed Food Items

You know what’s scarier than Samara from The Ring? A hangry friend. Ordering in food is too mainstream. How about creating your own refreshments that scream Halloween! From spooky-looking cookies to simple yet delicious cocktails that will perfectly get you in the mood, it’s time to get creative.

3. Spooky Games

When I say spooky games I don’t suggest you go and buy an Ouija board. Have you not watched movies? I strongly believe that the Ouija board works and encourage people to steer clear of it. Instead, why not try something simple and harmless, that will give you the scare and nobody even gets possessed. You can always try calling out for Bloody Mary or Charlie. I personally believe that most of these are made up and can be played during Halloween. If you are still skeptical then you can always google some other options.

4. Visit A Haunted House

If you feel a little brave and want to leave the house but not for partying then you can always visit the Haunted House. As in you know those fun kinds with actors dressed as ghosts. Yeah, not suggesting to visit a house that’s actually haunted – you know what happens to people who do! You will get your dose of scare and fun at the same time. It will be as good as visiting a real haunted house, except this will have the fake ones.

5. Tell Scary Stories In The Dark 

Movies are cool but have you ever had someone narrate a horror story to you? Dim the lights, hold on to your sheet for a fun night of sharing real or fictitious experiences. And while some begin with “legend has it”, it will give you the heebie-jeebies and you would want to crawl onto your bed instantly, but not to sleep.

6. DIY Halloween Accessories

It’s not a sleepover if you don’t do something crafty. Okay, well most of us have lost touch with this fun sleepover activity but how about reviving it? Even though you won’t be going out to party, it’s okay for you to DIY some accessories. It will help you save money every Halloween on accessories and you can create something exactly how you want it to be.


Sama is a Social Media Executive at Hauterfly. She owns 3 fiend cats that she loves the most, besides pizzas and everything junk! Her love for BTS is immense and will cry at every breath they take!

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