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7 Facial Yoga Poses You Can Do To Chisel Your Jawline For This Wedding Season

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When you are preparing for a wedding, you’re dedicated to the gym but fitting a workout can be tough. That is when yoga comes into the picture. You can literally work out any part of the body through yoga and it is way simpler than struggling to fit in a workout at the gym every day. You’ve heard of yoga for your arms, legs, abdomen etc etc but what we have for you today, is something you can practice every day and the ones that will absolutely nail those selfies. It is facial yoga, it will sharpen your jawline and give you a more chiseled looking face! Exciting, right? Try it out, they are super simple poses you can do on the go.

  1. Lion Pose

The lion pose got its name because of the sound you have to make while practicing the pose. Yeah, it may sound a little weird but trust me if you want that sleek neck and jawline, this pose is for you! It works by stretching your neck and chin muscles. If you practice this every day, your face automatically looks slimmer making your jawline prominent!

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  1. Fish Face

Did you know this trending selfie pose is also a great way to cut out the extra fat from your face? It not only uplifts your cheeks and puffs up your lips naturally, but it also leaves you with a sexy jawline that doesn’t need any contouring. If you perform this exercise five times a day, your face will look naturally sleek in those wedding pictures.

  1. Mouthwash Technique

This is one is super fun to do! It is called the mouthwash technique because you have to suck in air and swirl it around your mouth like you would with mouthwash. It keeps a double-chin at bay, giving you a sharp jawline. If you really want that jawline to be seen, practice this technique every day for five minutes.

  1. Chin Lift

Just like the name suggests, this pose stretches out your chin muscles and thus gets rid of your double chin. Once that double chin is gone, it does not take long for that uber-sexy jawline to appear making your face look chiseled AF. And who doesn’t want that? Especially when you are going for a wedding where you have to bring you’re A-game. Including this technique in your everyday routine will allow you to do just that.

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  1. Locked tongue pose

This one might sound a little strange, but it works like magic. It tightens your face, gets rid of wrinkles and of course gives you a strong jawline. It tones your facial muscles, making all your features appear sharper too. Practice this every day and by the time the wedding approaches, you will be turning heads.

  1. Jaw release

If a hot jawline is what you want, try this technique out. It stretches out your chin and neck muscles, making your jawline appear sharp enough to cut through fruit, lol. Well not really, but you get my point. Your selfies will be drool-worthy. To save your time, begin watching from the fourth minute to know the method of this technique.

  1. Lip Pull

Nope, you aren’t actually pulling at your lips. This exercise ensures you stretch out the muscles in your lower face. It totally tones you’re your jawline, gets your double chin to disappear. The bonus? It also makes you look younger by doing away with all those wrinkles. Do this for almost two months every day, you’ll see a whole new you!

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