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#HauteHack: How To Deodorise Smelly Shoes In A Jiffy

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Monsoon woes are oh so many; from commuting in the heavy rains to deciding what to don when there’s a downpour, there’s so much one needs to pay heed to and pre-plan. And the one common setback during the monsoon that none of us can survive are the after-effects of having soaked shoes and wet feet, thanks to all those water puddles. Let’s be honest, no one prefers a cold-feet feeling, not to mention being responsible for raising a stink or even experiencing shoe odour while at work. While some of us have the privilege of wearing monsoon-friendly shoes to our 9-to-5 stint, the dudes working in a corporate set-up obviously have a tough time. But there’s nothing a little online sleuthing can’t provide solutions to, especially when it’s done by the experts from Team Hauterfly.

And while I was actively searching up for some shoe hacks online, I came across this amazing trick to help deodorise smelly shoes. Guess what the key product here is: Baking Soda (seriously, is there anything this ingredient can’t do?)

If you think your shoes need some TLC in the aroma department, here’s what you need to do. Fill in a teaspoon of baking soda in a small sachet and place one in each shoe. Leave this little packet in your shoe overnight — this helps absorb any odour present in your shoe. In case you’re not in a mood to sachet up a pack of baking soda, you can directly sprinkle the product into your shoe. Dust out the excess product out of the shoes and wipe out any remains of the white powder.

PS: While this works for most shoes (sneakers included), we recommend you avoid using baking soda on shoes made out of leather and suede.


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