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5 Totally Neat Ways To Wear Your Underwear As Outerwear And Look Like A Bombshell

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Have a bunch of sexy nighties eating dust in your wardrobe? It is about time you repurpose it because fashion girls are wearing underwear as outerwear and it is a very exciting trend indeed!

There is a growing curiosity among young women to make the most of their existing clothes in order to buy less and buy versatile. As such, total hotties like Disha Patani and Anushka Sharma’s play with wearing lingerie-like outfits for literally any event is promising energy for the upcoming months. We have already blown all our cash on celebrating NYE in the grandest fashion so shopping for fresh styles is out of the question. Let’s take the opportunity to be a bit bad instead.

Here are all the ways you can try the underwear as outerwear trend and look like a total bombshell every day!

Babydoll Basics

Disha Patani spent the entirety of NYE 2019 posting pictures of this one outfit she could not help but gush over for hours! The stunning beauty paired some distressed high-waisted jeans with a lace bodysuit and knee-high sexy black leather boots. We have seen this particular go around for a bit and finally understand the hype…how can you look anything but drop-dead gorgeous in a dressier version of a babydoll? We are trying this look with a best cardigan jacket and there’s no stopping us at the impending ‘hottie’ transformation!

An Evening Slip

I became a fan of slip dresses after I saw Jennifer Garner spend the entire first half of 13 Going On 30 in a pretty pink one with an overcoat. How did they know back in 2004 that it’s so chic to just head put in your slip and some heels to make such an impression? Genius!

Wearing your innerwear slips as outerwear can get a bit tricky, especially if you don’t own the right size. Slips are very much like bras, they have to fit just right to look totally flattering. SO make sure yo grab the right size and dress it up further in your best jackets, capes, trousers or even an overlay top. Priyanka Chopra Jonas’ Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini slip is so hot, we can’t help but gawk.

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Cordial Corsets

Corsets usually get a really bad rep for, you know, being the symbol of women’s suffering in the highly restrictive pre-feminine era. And even though the modern corsets have evolved to give all the sexy look of it and none of the breathlessness, it still hasn’t caught up to popular fashion. We’d like to change that and think a pretty little corset can be such an asset to add to your wardrobe. Update your button-downs with a bit of a cinch or add it to your ganji like Bella Hadid, nobody’s complaining about you looking like a hipster Jane Austen fan (*wink*).

Sheer Delight

Here’s my qualm with women going semi-sheer with their tees, shirts, and dresses…they are afraid to go all the way and ruin the garment with an oddly ruched shameez underneath. No ladies, let’s break out of shells in 2020 and go all the way with showing off those cute bralettes outside the bedroom walls. Upgrade your see-through fashion game by pairing them with the cutest underwear in your closet. Janhvi Kapoor candy-floral pin-up girl ensemble is absolutely adorable, and works as an outfit without it being the slightest bit “revealing”!

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The Best Of Shapewear

Full disclosure: I have never purchased shapewear in my life. I just don’t feel the need for it, even though I have little cookie pouch of a tummy, I love all of my stomach rolls!

But other than their intended use, shapewear can really make some snug fantastic clothing options for girls who like skin-tight clothing. These can use used in athleisure experiments, paired with skater skirts or just dare to go full-bodied in its basic form. The trend started with and is relevant because of, Kylie Jenner’s obsession with wearing shapewear as regular clothes. I would personally throw on a jacket with that bodacious number and watch the appreciative second glances thrown my way.

Dare to try this early 2020 trend? Let us know!


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