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Sheer Cocktail Sarees Are Going To Be Our Pick For This Shaadi Season. And These Celebs Are Serving Up Some Inspo

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“Nothing feels sexier than a saree!!”, confessed Kriti Sanon, in one of her MANY saree-clad posts on Instagram. We agree with her on this fully, the saree is the sexiest garment in ethnic wear. Especially for millennials, who pair them with backless cholis and low-waist lehengas making traffic everywhere come to a standstill. Nah, the saree cannot be replaced. Then again, while some of us looks like graceful swans in them, other mere mortals like us are like ungainly penguins unable to handle the 6 yards of fabric.

Fortunately for us, labels have called out our bluff and are coming up with easy-to-wear and gorgeous sarees which leave no room for complaints about being “difficult”.One of these styles that we are crushing on for the bridal season is the see-through cocktail saree that will scandalize our mothers to the point that the threat of being evicted from the family will becomes very real.

Here’s why we think there is no need to be demure with our saree choices…what’s the point? A sexy sheer saree shows off our pretty blouses, keeps us cool on a warm Mehendi afternoons, and pays off all our efforts to get in shape before attending a bestie’s wedding. These sarees also happen to be in trend, focusing on base colors like black and white, and in a variety of fabrics to experiment with.

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Bhumi Pednekar shows us how a sultry see-through saree can instantly become the shaadi party wear this year. The silky drape from label Silai is too sinful to be true. And why not, Silai’s sarees are inspired by women who attended taash parties and own their sensuality. Founder Pareesha Ghatlia confessed, “I came up with the idea of designing minimal and classic cocktail saris when I was apprenticing with my mother. To me, saris are the epitome of Indian couture, and I felt this was lost on my generation. So with Silai, I chose to reimagine the sari while paying a tribute to the iconic women of yesteryear who have inspired me, including my mother”. Love!

We spotted Janhvi Kapoor heading for a Diwali party in a plain white, diaphanous saree. By the way, she is spitting image of her mother Sridevi in it. A great look for bridesmaids-  picking sarees that match- white weddings are back in vogue and we stand by it. Janhvi’s Manish Malhotra drape also reminds us of the sheer elegance of a casually gathered pallu, we can just imagine grooving to latest Punjabi hits wearing one of these drapes!

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While plain sheer sarees have a charm of their own, we also like what Parineeti Chopra did with her version of a sheer saree. Her chantilly lace saree from Monica & Karishma Couture is a beautiful combination of lace and sequins. The floral patterns paired with a sequinned blouse is enough to make waves at a reception party with minimal accessories finishing off the look.

Let us all now head to our Pinterest to look for equally cute blouse designs, shall we?

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