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Sara Ali Khan’s IIFA Debut Was Bland And Uninspiring. Her Gown Belongs On The Wedding Aisle, We Think

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It is always exciting when a young Bollywood ingenue is set to make their big red carpet debut. Fans get to see their favourite young star all prepped and primed, striking a pose for the shutterbugs. For IIFA awards 2019, we had Sara Ali Khan walk the carpet for the big night. While Sara was her usual beautiful self, the simple styling on her left us wanting for more.

Since her debut, Sara has played fast and loose with a signature style. We haven’t been able to pin down her vibe entirely. She is usually sashaying away in flowy kurtis. For glamorous events, we have seen don cute and feminine dresses to their advantage and look pretty. But that is the extent of experimentation we have spotted with her.

Don’t get us wrong. Sara was one of our favourite looks from the night. Which isn’t saying a lot since this year’s IIFA was disappointing as a whole. With Sara, we believe she holds a lot of potential to serve up major ‘lewks’, but somehow doesn’t!

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The Misplaced ‘Wedding Dress’

Here are some things that are red-carpet staples: Pristine whites? Yes! Elaborate ball gowns? Absolutely! But mix them up? Not so much. If Sara wanted to wear white, she could have taken a page out of Swara Bhasker’s notebook on how to do it. Slim and fitted designs is how you do a white gown on the carpet. Some form of texture like folds and pleats make them exciting. As for a ball gown, maybe not go for a classic wedding dress design…bustier with a big skirt. Throw in a veil and Sara can walk down the aisle and take part in a very confusing ceremony.

The Unfamiliar Body Language

Don’t get us wrong, fashion girls have gotten away with worse. The trick lies in how you sell an outfit, even if it does not fit with the theme. A cheeky glance here and a sly twirl there, is enough to charm anyone. Sara, though, looked extremely uncomfortable in her gown. The formal hand gestures took most of her natural goofiness away and we certainly missed her full grin smile.

We are hoping the stylish actress comes out of her shell and indulges in some sartorial experimentation. We have seen the sparks but only she can set her style ablaze!

What are your thoughts on her IIFA look? Let us know!


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