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Sabyasachi Mukherjee Is The Keeper Of All Bollywood Bridal Secrets And We Know Exactly Why

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As far as muses go, Deepika Padukone is a pretty good one to have! The actress has established herself as a genuine style icon, most recently making a stylish appearance at Cannes in many outfits. She is undoubtedly a designer’s dream, her body and personality allowing the designer to play around and experiment with designs, silhouettes and fluidity. And one of the designers’ she has been particularly partial to, is Sabyasachi. Of course, a lot of people from the industry love this designer.

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He is undeniably the biggest name to come out of India in bridal fashion. Starting out with humble roots, Sabya has taken the brand to a global level. He boasts of many high profile clients, but it is the personal relationships he shares with his muses that make our hearts melt. And it’s a relationship that goes beyond them just trusting him with what to wear on the daily, you know he’s their go-to when they trust him with their bridal outfits. More importantly, they trust him to zip his lips and tell no one about who is getting married, when and where.

Speaking on a panel recently, Deepika and Sabya got candid about their relationship and the process behind creating her enviable bridal trousseau. The actress revealed that Sabya was the first person to know that she was getting married. She said how the whole deal was kept a secret by giving a fake brief to Sabya’s team about crafting wedding staples for American supermodel Naomi Campbell. What? How did they buy that? They layered the lie by telling them Naomi was getting married to an Indian prince.

She said, “The first person who even knew I was getting married was Sabya. It was about being a Sabya bride, but also about celebrating the parts of India where Ranveer and I came from. I orchestrated the whole wedding. Ranveer was quite busy and there was just so much to be done. Once we had most of the organisation under control, we made a public announcement.”

Deepika also spoke about how keeping the design process personal, much like her wedding that was an intimate affair rather than a public one. “When you get married, it’s a new chapter in your life. With Indian culture it’s not just two people coming together, it’s the families coming together. Our families are our core. It’s important for us that our families are on the same page as well. I moved away very early from home, so the need for me to have a family was very important.”, she said.

The appreciation is mutual for Deepika and Sabya. In a recent interview with a publication, Sabya said that ‘Deepika Padukone scares me.’ He said, “She scares me. Deepika scares me because of the fact that I think she is so organised that you know, I pride myself in being organised, but she is so meticulous, organised and so composed about everything that she does that I look like a rookie.” BFF goals? We think so!

Deepika isn’t the only one who trusted Sabya with her wedding needs. Priyanka Chopra’s much-publicised wedding ceremony featured plenty of Sabya’s signature designs.

Given that Priyanka’s wedding was covered by People magazine, a major international publication, you’d think that a couple of tidbits will get out about her outfits. But it wasn’t until the last minute we found out that Priyanka was indeed wearing a custom Sabyasachi red lehenga for her Hindu wedding ceremony. Again, Sabya remained tight-lipped.

And we can’t forget Anushka Sharma’s beautiful Benarsi from her reception, the regality of the look is still fresh with us! Of course, at this point everyone knew they were married. But when no one knew, Sabya still did.

It seemed like #Virushka was an overnight phenomenon which, for us lay people, it was. Twitter was abuzz with the surprise wedding of this power couple. But since the lehenga¬†was designed by Sabysachi, we are sure he was in the know. Not only about the nuptials but also about the decor, the look she wanted and all of that. To have that kind of information about one of the most happening couples and still be tight-lipped? That’s some integrity. No wonder Bollywood trusts him.

Is Sabya that BFF who can keep all our relationship deets a secret? We think so!


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