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We Take 5 Guesses Why Ranveer Singh Chose This Quirky Outfit While Flying Out Of The City

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It might be difficult to pin-point exactly when Ranveer Singh blossomed from a pretty peony bud into a whole floral arrangement of the most elaborate kind. The actor always had a flair for style and has credited his retro-chic father for his own flamboyant nature. He is undoubtedly one of the most experimental figures in men’s celebrity fashion; Ayushmann Khurana being the only one who comes in at a distant second.  Ranveer is a fashionista in the most unconventional way…he breaks the rules and pushes the boundaries of style by being his quirky self all the time. The man likes his colours, textures, ruffles, and feathers…a trait is rubbing off on his equally stylish, yet somewhat safe, wife Deepika Padukone.

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For one of his recent outings, Ranveer chose a rather interesting ensemble for someone who is taking an afternoon flight out of the city. A polka-dotted ruffled shirt paired with a matching resort cap, striped pajamas, and blush pink Peshawari juttis. Now, we know that he liked to switch things up for events, but for travelling? Let’s take a few guesses as to why what happened…happened.

He’s REALLY Into ‘Performer-Chic’

Fashion picks a lot of influences from many different walks of life. This ensemble comes from the house of Sabyasachi and the shoes from their collaboration with Christian Louboutin. The outfit reminds us of a spiffy circus performer from the 60s or a leading man from a 70 cheesy disco-flick. Given Ranveer’s penchant of picking outlier characters, we are not surprised by this.

He’s On A Dare

Imagine having a friend in our squad who dresses like Ranveer! If he has friends who are anything like us, they’d constantly rile him up to push a bit further with the eccentricity every single time. Maybe this was a dare as well?

He Nicked It From A Shoot

This particular outfit from Ranveer has done time under studio lights and we wonder if he just nicked it after the shoot. It is not rare for celebs to walk out of shoots with a prop or two that they loved, but a whole outfit? It might be a stretch for others but definitely not Ranveer!

It’s Laundry Day

Sometimes, the right answer is the simplest one…Ranveer was rocking this mind-boggling outfit at the airport because he did not have anything else to wear. We have our suspicions that the couple frequently swap outfits and pick things from each others’ wardrobes. I mean, how could you not?

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He Loves The Shock And Awe

It is not news that Ranveer Singh loves the attention he gets for his eccentric style. But we think the attention-hoarding goes beyond that. Anybody can stay the talk of the town with somewhat of an original fashion game, but Ranveer like to shock people with his presence, both on-screen and off.  If that indeed is the case then may we say “mission accomplished!”.

On the work front, Ranveer has embarked on the promotional junket for his next film ’83 based on the life and times of former Indian team captain Kapil Dev.

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