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Hauterfly Investigates Why Movie Costumes Worn By Actresses Fetch Millions In Auctions. These Bollywood Outfits Raked In The Big Bucks

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There is just something eerily fascinating about original movie costumes we see on screen. Especially when they are worn by the leading ladies whose fashion choices stay fresh in our memories long after the film has left the screens. These women etch their silhouettes in pop culture, their characters immortalized in movie history. The two main elements that make them so memorable are the impeccable performances and that they looked like nobody else ever did!

We are not the only ones intrigued by actresses and their outfits seen on the big screen. Movie memorabilia has always been put up for auctions for collectors to pay up big bucks for. But it’s the clothes seen on actresses are the ones garnering the most hullabaloo around them. We have a feeling this is because of this one reason.

These women we see on the screen are unique, strong and have a voice of their own. People who watch them behind the screen aspire to be like them, one day. Also, they are the result of months of designing and planning outfits to put together that are then worn by a beloved starlet who is the epitome of glamour for the average moviegoer…and that, is exciting.

The Intrigue

There are many instances of movie costumes worn by women fetching millions. Just this week, we had anonymous collectors shell out a total of $405,700 (~2.8 Cr) on Olivia Newton-John’s iconic Grease leather jacket and skintight pants. The ensemble worn for You’re the one that I want was sold by Julien’s Auctions, the proceeds from which will go the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness & Research Centre in Australia. Fun fact: the leather pants were so ridiculously tight (and had a broken zip) that Olivia had to be sewn into them. Oh, the things we do for our craft!

Newton-John’s case is just another reminder of how fashion can have long term effects on our culture. The movie came out in 1978, so the teenagers who saw the film back them must be the grown-up millionaires who wish to own the ensemble now. The costume made a lot of waves when the film released, used to showcase Olivia’s character coming-of-age as a woman. And hey, we’d love to adult in sexy leather pants as well! But preferably not get stitched in to it.

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The Theatrics

Back home, we have many of our classic movie costumes going up for big bucks in auctions. Madhuri Dixit’s famous green and gold anarkali from Devdas was sold for a whopping Rs. 3 crore. Madhuri’s dance numbers in the film will go down in history as a work of art. It is not just the period costumes that have garnered much fanfare. Kareena Kapoor Khan’s string saree from Halkat Jawani was auctioned off and the proceeds went to a charitable organisation she supported. The Manish Malhotra designed number is anything but demure, yet the fact that Bebo wore it and looked drop-dead gorgeous was enough to fetch the big bucks.

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The Artistry

It’s hard to believe that Aishwarya Rai’s Umrao Jaan came out way back in 2006! The Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla designed ensembles sparked a long-lasting collaboration between the designers and the actress. The clothes and jewellery from the film were auctioned off as well. Why?  The intricate detailing and artistry that goes into designing these costumes was unparalleled. Can we really blame the collectors? It’s a piece that will draw eyes for very, very long.

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Which iconic movie costume would you love to own one day? Let us now!


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