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Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy Has It’s Ladies In Sarees That Are Double The Usual Length. We Have All The Costume Styling Deets

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It is quite impossible to match the grandeur and genius of the blockbuster flick Baahubali. But one film that has been generating a lot of buzz the past couple of months might just come close to that! Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy is a Telugu period drama directed by Surender Reddy and based on a real war hero. The film is all set to reach a worldwide audience and has already gotten people talking. One of the things that people are talking about is the unimssable attention to detail the film’s costumes have been given. A period film is very tricky to style, yet, costume designer Sushmita Konidela has managed to leave us awestruck with the outfits.

The action drama tells the story of Uyyalawada Narasimha Reddy, a prominent polygar in Kurnool region, who fought against the British East India Company, just before the struggle for Indian independence. Sushmita, who is the elder daughter of Chiranjeevi (also the actor in the movie), was taken with the aim to create an accurate look for its characters, all with natural colours, styles, and designs. She revealed some very interesting details about the way Tamannah Bhatia and Nayanthara were styled. We think this movie’s magic can be attributed to its costumes rather than the CGI!

Talking about Tamannaah’s character, Sushmita revealed, “Tamannaah’s costumes were the hardest for me to crack at a design level. She plays a dancer who goes on to become a freedom fighter and supports Narasimha Reddy. We decided to keep the colours earthy and muted. We didn’t use any synthetic colours like turquoise blue, parrot green, and we didn’t use any strong colours like bright red, bright green, bright yellow. And there’s no black either. Everything has an old feel to it.”

The most interesting detail she revealed was the fact that the female leads were put in 12-meter long sarees. An average saree falls between 5.5-6 meters, making these longer drapes unique. “Both Nayanthara and Tamannaah wore sarees which were about 12 meters long. We had a bunch of women who were experts at draping sarees to help the two actors. The draping was done on the sides because we wanted to create something new and interesting to watch, but at the same time keep it relatable. Nayanthara wears sarees which have an extended pallu that she wraps around her hand. Since she’s a polygar’s wife, we could push the envelope to make her costumes look grand, apart from the jewellery she sports”, Sushmita revealed.

And here we are messing up even the simplest silk saree’s drape, sad!

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This is the first time Sushmita is working on a film of this scale. She confessed, “When Ram Charan and Surender Reddy told me that the timeline of the story is between 1800-1850, it was a thrilling proposition for me because while I was studying fashion design at NIFT, costume history was my favourite subject”. That sure came in handy!

Sushmita also spoke about working with ace designer Anju Modi, who was consulting on the film. “Anju Modi was onboard as one of the designers at the beginning of the project. She has a great insight into Indian textiles and I learned a lot while working with her about choosing the right fabric. We achieved that look with the designs and embroidery that we used on the costumes. If you take the war costume which Narasimha Reddy wears, it has a lot of embroideries. This is something that I learned from Anju Modi. She used to say, ‘Don’t make the costume look flat. Include different elements and layers which will make it interesting on the screen.’”

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We are definitely intrigued by the story behind Sye Raa‘s costumes. Given how even the simplest saree gets us excited, you can make sure to find us sitting front seat and taking all of the not 9, but 13 yards!


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