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Kriti Sanon Wore What Looked Like A Ceiling From Our Childhood Bedroom And We’re Amused

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Every time a movie rolls around, I get all sorts of excited for what is to follow. The movie, with some new and hopefully not remixed songs, promotional event banter and of course, the fashion that we get to see when the stars step out in all their glory to promote their movie.  And while most of the time, they ace it, there are a few times when the arrow misses the mark by a big margin and we aren’t entirely sure why they wore what they did. And the current fashion moment in question is of the Luka Chuppi actress, Kriti Sanon.

The actress who is out and about promoting her upcoming film Arjun Patiala alongside Diljit Dosanjh, was spotted making rounds for her movie, in an outfit that was less runway and more bedroom ceiling material. Dressed in a black sequins blazer and a coordinated skirt with a tulle and tutu look, and stars donned all over, the outfit stood apart in a crowd but it reminded of the ceiling of our bedroom from when we had radium stars plastered to it. Of course, these threatened to abandon the ceiling and fall at the most inopportune moments and Kriti’s outfit is very reminiscent of it.

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And while we love the woman for her work, her features and her model-esque appeal, we think the outfit was a little strange. We love the fit and how experimental, in an attempt to reach for the stars (pun intended), the actress only managed to land herself in this kind-of-all-over-the-place outfit.

Styling her look with hoop earring, kohl eyes and a nude makeup, her sombre put together face could not dull down the screaming extra in her clothes, but we do enjoy a bit of it. The Kalmanovich outfit wasn’t our favourite but let’s just say we she’s done better.

Known best to rock street style looks and high fashion pastel shades, this one did not do the Arjun Patiala actress a favor, but guess that’s how one learns – one fashion faux pas at a time. As for her movie, it hits the screen on 26th July and we can’t wait to see the chemistry between this diva and Diljit Dosanjh.

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