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Katy Perry And Dua Lipa’s Stage Wardrobe Woes In The Mumbai Heat Are So Relatable

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I love outdoor concerts! The energy of the crowd paired with an elaborately choreographed stage show fuels my obsession with live shows and I can never get enough. Every time there’s a show in town, I am shelling out for the early bird passes, regardless of the genre of the music that will be played. A place with thousands of people collectively singing and dancing is a vibe that I shall never pass on, even when I am covered in my own and my fellow concert attendees sweat.

The OnePlus Music Festival over the weekend was no different. Having lived in Mumbai for most of my life, I am used to being hot and sweaty every time I step out. Us desis have done a fabulous job adjusting our clothes and face with the heat, cropped tops, and sweatproof mascaras being our essentials all year long.

But headliners Katy Perry and Dua Lipa seemed to have missed that memo when they flew down to Mumbai to perform their best hits. These poor girls were sweating through “every crack” (as said by Katy) and that brought about wardrobe woes that we are far too familiar with. I was suffering from a case of swampy pants and sticky tanks, and it really wasn’t cute!

Long time fans of Katy Perry will attest to this, her live shows are one of the most high energy presentations in the business.  The woman was literally running around the stage trying to hype up the audience while she belted a rendition of Roar. All that movement, hot stage lights and a ridiculously humid evening did not work in her favour when it came time for a quick costume change. Katy’s stage costumes are as iconic as her adrenaline-filled shows which is why a fashion enthusiast was looking forward to her performance. But given how she was sweating all over, the Heather Picchiottino custom off-the-shoulder bodysuit ended up being a sticky mess. She finally came back out, only to confess that she was “so sweaty that her costume could not be pulled off and instead had a big rip at the back”. The number of times we have tried to get out of a heavy kurta at the end of a sweaty day is countless, which led to the women in the audience break out into laughter at her confession.

Katy suffered in her hour-long set sure, but it was the poor Dua Lipa who got the worst of the deal on Saturday. She went on stage just after sundown and did not stand a chance for the day to cool down even for a bit. This young UK-native can be credited with making dance-pop cool for Gen-Z’ers and is constantly grooving on stage for her live shows. She is also very stylish, choosing Dion Lee separates for her Mumbai show. Even though she was in s structured bralette and baggy pants, she struggled with the heat. Taking to her Instagram to share adorable shots with Katy Perry, this hottie was glistening in sweat, some of which had seeped through her pants as well. And boy do we know how that feels. Also, props to her makeup artist Samantha Lau, who we want to to be besties with for information on how she created that immovable base!

Check out Anaita Adajania’s capture of the moment we realized Katy Perry’s costume was metaphorically glued to her skin, above, and some other exciting moments from the rest of the show below!

Hauterfly Katy Perry

Hauterfly Dua Lipa

Hauterfly OnePlus Music Festival

Hauterfly Ritviz

Hauterfly aswekeepsearching

Hauterfly The Local Train

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