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Sexy Gowns, Loads Of Highlighter And Legs For Days. Janhvi Kapoor Has Found Her Style Sweet Spot And We Love It

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If it was easy to find a signature style, everybody would have one! It takes a while for a person to land on a style that feels truest to them. Whether they are someone for whom comfort tops it all or they are the kind who have a knack of creating fun looks out of nothing…there is so much to fashion than just clothes.

Celebrities are no different when it comes to having a signature style. It takes a village to make them look that glamorous. The ‘natural’ ones like Sonam Kapoor and Anushka Sharma can do it even without the helping hand of a stylist. But even that took years of hits and misses. The result? Sonam is one of the most sought after fashion girls and Anushka’s utility chic vibe is the best in the business.

Luckily, we are seeing the same kind of growth with the newer actresses. Not only are they becoming more vocal with what they want, it’s also exciting to see the approach they’ve picked to experiment with. One of the girls who is doing something pretty fascinating is Janhvi Kapoor, who seems to have found a sweet spot with her signature style!

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The Leggy Alternative

A tip that I myself got from my grandmother, “if you have an apple body type, it is good to show off your legs”. Janhvi’s pick of thigh high slit gowns, mini dresses and, skirts complements her  shape perfectly. Also, if we were spending hours at the gym toning up our legs, we’d show it off too!

The Bodacious Gowns

Janhvi is certainly one of the few younger actresses who hasn’t shied away from exploring her sensuality. The actresses has been throwing some pretty sexy gowns our way, and we are loving all of them. She is also doing risque in a simple yet effective way. Keep it up, Janhvi!

Less Is More, Unless It Is A Highlighter, Then More!

A little birdie told us that Janhvi loves to keep her makeup simple. Unless she is presented with a highlighter, then she is going crazy with it. Janhvi’s makeup artist Tanvi Chemburkar revealed she loves her Fenty Beauty highlighter ‘Fenty Lava’, and we can see why. It is just the right blend of subtle glamour we love!

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What are some of your favourite looks from Janhvi? Let us know!

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